what's up with guys and boxes??

  1. ok does anyone else's bf or DH have problems with getting boxes??

    I bought 5 items recently (with my own $$) and got them sent to my bf's apt coss i'm out of town. it's sitting on the floor of his apt and he was a little touchy about it the other day. said he hates dealing with boxes.

    i'm like it's BOXES and not big ones either! it's not like you have feed them or shower them!! you just leave them there! (no i did not say this to him)

    Really don't understand his issue with boxes. i'm out of town for awhile so this means i can't buy stuff in the meanwhile even if i like something!! ARGH!!! :hysteric:
  2. Does he have a really small apartment with no storage space? Or roommates? Maybe he is worried that the delivery service will leave them outside his door and they will get stolen. Otherwise, it sounds kind of odd to be picky about this.
  3. Yes the things that bug men but they are not welling to communicate their true identity to us...Yes I have a brother in law that is nuts with boxes ..he see one and I swear he goes nuts ..they do not have one in the house all storage containers and if you bring one in their home ...god forbid if you set it down for a min with out him yelling to dispose of it or take it back to the car...gee ....maybe they are allergic to them..not sure...................[​IMG] but ...nuts ....
  4. Do this! :noggin: Hehee... My DH has lots of boxes lying around the house. It annoys me so. He could at least arrange it neatly.

    If your BF's place is small then it's probably just taking up too much room. Don't let that stop you spending! Just keep sending it his way. He can't very well reject it can he? ;)
  5. guys should like box.

  6. ^^

    Ha ha!
  7. My bf just got moved so he is swimming in boxes. I would be scared he would throw stuff out.
  8. I am the one who doesn't like the dirty boxes in my house. I open the packages inside the front door and haul the stuff upstairs. My bf is the one who brings those darn dirty boxes and will plop it down right on the island in the kitchen. Gross, dirty boxes!!
  9. My DH is the same, once is awhile I will have something expensive or time sensitive sent the office...drives him crazy...he doeasn't even have to do anything, someone else signs for it, I usually pick it uo, but he hates it...IDK???
  10. LOL OK I have to admit i hate dirty boxes and i do not put any box that has been mailed to me on my counter or bed etc. they all sit on the floor! i once had a box come to me from NM and it had black lines all over like dust!! i'm like where the hell did that box come from??

    but back to the box hating bf, nope he doesn't have roommates, he has enough space in his apt and he has a mail collection center to take them. he just hates boxes, especially mine... GRR!

    i'm trying to avoid buying stuff for now so he doesn't get grouchy over boxes. =P it's really silly to me though. =P
  11. i love boxes! i get the big ones, i fill 'em with pillows, and then i slide down the stairs in them.
    pretty awesome..
  12. ^^ :roflmfao:

    THAT sounds like SO MUCH FUN!!! Where do you slide down?? Staircase in your home??

    Always wanted to do that as a kid... I think i'd be too afraid to do that now in case i come crashing down and break my legs... =P