What's Up With Eluxury?

  1. I ordered this Tracy Reese coat from Elux. In their description it says Made In Italy. I got the coat today and it looks a little "cheap". I check the tag and it says Made in China. Is Elux being purposely deceptive in their description? I'm returning it!

  2. If the coat is as well-made as you expect it to be, why would you return it simply because it's made in China? Believe it or not, craftsmanship is not something genetic that is inherent only in Europeans. There are quality factories there. In fact, many of those quality factories produce practically everything that goes into, say, a dress... then the last bit of detail is done in Italy so it can bear the "Made in Italy" tag because so many people believe that unless its made in Europe, it's not worth the purchase price.

    I assume it was a typo on Eluxury's part. I can't imagine them using a method like that to lure people into buying goods?
  3. ugh I hate when things look so nice online and then in real life they look flimsy and cheap. I'm sure it was a mistake on Eluxury's part though. That sucks that the coat feels cheap b/c I love Tracy Reese and have found her coats to look very high quality in the past.
  4. Sorry, envyme, I wasn't very clear... I mean, if you genuinely notice a difference in quality, that is one thing... I misread what you originall posted.
  5. I did not say I was returning it simply because it was made in China. I didn't say or infer anything about craftsmanship being genetically deficient in Asians or exclusive to Europeans. It is only after I noticed its "cheap" appearance did I check the tag and realized that it was made in China and not Italy as described by eLux.

    IMO, the designer name is enough of a reassurance of quality no matter where the product is made. However, I'm certain that some high end retailers are aware that a growing number of their consumers are paying more attention to where products are produced due to recent recalls of items made in China (which brought to light shady quality control issues in Chinese factories).

    So, I still wonder if it was a typo or not.
  6. I misread what you said about it feeling cheap...

    I disagree, however, that the designer name is enough of a quality assurance no matter where the product is made. There are definitely shoddy designer products that can sell on perceived prestige alone... hence the decline of many design houses.

  7. Sigh. The coat looked really high quality online. Maybe it was the way it was packaged? It has creases all over it!!!! I'll steam it tonight to see if it will look less dingy.
  8. Very interesting that you say that. I'm not sure familiar with Tracy Reese's coats, but I do notice she uses more polyester than I care to pay a few hundred dollars for!
  9. I was just about to respond to your message. I edited my message after I read your second reply.

    And yeah, you're right about the decline of many design houses. But I think its due to the designers trying to generate higher profits by sacrificing the quality of their pieces. I hope Tracy Reese is not headed in that direction....
  10. Either way, it sucks that you're disappointed with your purchase.

    Remember when Tommy Hilfiger was actually a prestige brand? Like, it held the same cache as Ralph Lauren did? Times change, huh... I hope Tracy Reese doesn't head in that direction, either.
  11. I actually have that coat and I beg to differ. I think the quality is good. Because it's made of cotton that you might think it looks cheap. For that price you can get wool coat that might look better (not cheap), but I feel the cotton is very good quality. And I got lots of compliments wearing that. For Made in Italy thing, I think is a typo. I found many upscale online retailers have a few typos too in their websites.

  12. I agree! There have been many "not few" incidence on shoddy quality and quality control issues. Anyone can just "google" to research on that problem. I have to own up I do not buy "made in China" beyond that quality issue... mine is the "humanity" and "environment" agenda.

    One only needs to take some time away from the forum and click that google button to research that many "hidden" problems from Chinese manufacturing to not turn that blind eye to what we have been buying; takes only a little education to be kind... we "hate fakes", who but China promotes it? But it takes someone to tell the country that they are wrong so they can correct that mistake... silence do not buy "correctness" political or not.

    If anyone here ever been to an Asian grocery... did anyone noticing Chinese themselves shunning away from the seafood imported from China, the can goods and stuff and ever wonder why??? Chinese ourselves do not eat Chinese imported food yet expect other country like Vietnam to, profit is the answer.

    What I won't eat, I won't wear either!
    But... its just my opinion.
  13. Ordering online is always a crapshoot. I do it all the time and have to deal with some disappointments. :sad: It's a gorgeous coat though. I never see shapes like that. Do try to fix it up and see if you like it more. Nefredity has a great point. Are you sure it's a quality difference, or is it just not what you were expecting?

    I also agree with Intlset. Where it's made is hardly a quality gaurantee. I know some people like to use Made in Italy as a measure for prestige but really, I've see crap from Italy and gems from China.
  14. Are you kidding me. I guess you are entitled to your xenophobic tirade. I doubt your household is free of Chinese-made goods. Furthermore, according to your logic, you should also shun American-made goods because of violations of human rights in Guantanamo.
  15. I agree with every thing you have said.:tup: I just steamed the creases out and it looks better. I think i'll keep it since it was only $280 (sale item).