What's Up with eBay Live Chat???

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  1. In the past, all they asked for before you connected was your user ID or email address. I'm trying to ask a question now and it's wanting all my personal contact info: name, address phone number. This is making me VERY nervous...........especially since I'm still not even contacted to them.

    Anyone else seen this? Is this something new or has eBay had their site compromised? With all the info they ask for (though it is indentified as a secure connection), anyone could get into my account. It doesn't ask for my password though, not that I put it in ANY chat.
  2. I saw (and used) this feature yesterday and had no problems with it. Don't they usually ask that information anyway? I thought that they did after you are connected, but it has been a while (before yesterday), so I could be wrong.
  3. They usually ask me now for all my contact info. As long as there not asking for my SS I dont mind.