What's up with dressing rooms WITHOUT mirrors??

  1. DH and I went shopping this weekend, and popped into BCBG Max Azria. They were having a big sale and there was quite a wait to get into the dressing rooms. Well, I picked out some dresses and bikinis to try out. But when I got into the dressing room, I realized it didn't have any mirrors!!! All the mirrors were on the outside doors of the dressing rooms, which were in a semi-private hallway. But still, did they expect me to come out in my bikini???

    Ladies, we all know how traumatic swimsuit shopping can be.... The best I could muster up the courage to do was peek out, make sure no one was in the hallway, and check my image on the mirror outside and quickly pop back into the dressing room. It did NOT make for a lovely shopping experience.

    Can anyone who's worked at BCBG or in retail tell me the reasoning behind this? Even beyond the privacy factor, doesn't it make the wait longer since it takes longer to try on clothes?
  2. I REALLY don't get the point of that. I've been in dressing rooms where they not only have mirrors in the stalls, but they have this "runway hallway" ending with a dais in front of a three way mirror.
  3. Yes, what's up with BCBG and their stinking no mirror in the dressing room bit. Who wants to go out in the hallway all the time to see yourself. The BCBG in the Great Mall in the bay are sucks big time:rant: Next time I shop there, I will ask why they don't have mirrors, geezzzzz:shrugs:
  4. I think the idea is they want you to see what the outfit looks like when you're NOT under the harsh fitting room lights. (I don't know, but that seems the most logical, don't you think?)

    But that of course sucks for people who don't WANT to leave their fitting rooms!
  5. I'll never understand why retailers don't put more flattering lighting in their dressing rooms!?!!!
  6. Yeah, I love BCBG but having to parade out in front of everyone while I'm deciding if I like something is a little weird!! At the store near me you just pretty much end up back on the sales floor when you come out of the dressing rooms!

    I always thought it was so the SA could see you in the clothes and ooo and ahh to get you to consider buying it or to suggest something else - ?

    I wish they had better lighting in dressing rooms too! Geez, I look like a plucked chicken :roflmfao: .
  7. I would hate that. Thank god I haven't been in a dressing room w/out a mirror.... I can't imagine going out of your dressing room to look n a mirror and your outfit looks horrible on, everyone would see.
  8. Chico's does that. No mirrors in the dressing room. I swear it's so you have to come out so they can tell you how fab you look so you are more likely to buy.
  9. that's exactly what i think too!!!
  10. I tried on bathing suits at BCBG too. The only dressing room with a mirror inside is the handicap one.

  11. I must be handicap because that's the one they put me in the last time I went there. :upsidedown:
  12. Thats wierd a store that dosnt have mirrors in their dressing rooms. Is it just me that when I try something on in H&M the shirt looks great on me ,and when I come home it looks like I am 3 months pregnant with their shirts?. I think its their mirrors(I know this is way off topic).Any one else with this problem?
  13. You know, that's a good point. They are prolly trained to say you look great no matter what :lol:, because I was checking myself out in a dress that emphasized my big ole gut and the SA said, "That looks SO cute on you!" :throwup:
  14. I've experienced that before as well. I definitely think they use slimming mirrors at certain clothing stores. Those 3-way mirrors at Ann Taylor are quite deceptive...
  15. I saw the title to this thread and I immediately knew who the guilty party was.. .BCBG!!

    Yea.. I don't get it either.. I was trying a wrap dress and had to peek out to make sure nobody was out there... I think my boobs were falling out of the dress!