what's up with coach's VACHETTA LEATHER ?


  2. I don't know, but I was wondering the same thing... I haven't seen them in the store when I've been in there, but I haven't remembered to actually look for them either... so I may have just walked right past them, which isn't a good sign either... ;) Hopefully someone knows, and can fill us in...
  3. Vachetta is untreated leather, which in time will age and change color and "patina" like LV's trim and handles. It's naked leather basically, but its changing qualities are unlike their other leathers.
  4. ugh. i couldn't imagine taking care of a bag of ALL vachetta. what if you can't get an even patina?
  5. i'm thinking the same thing, kallison... i couldn't deal with that.
  6. I had a tote with quite a bit of vachetta on it and spilled coffee all over it and it had spots! I cried like a baby!
    I put moisturizer ALL over it (i was desperate) and it turned out to have a really cool even patina. I might have to try and dig it out of my garage and post pictures...
  7. I saw one of the vachetta bags (the hobo) at one of the stores here. It's like a very pale warm beige. I'm not sure what you mean by glitter, but it's not glittery. It's just a matte pale beige colour. Not really pink or peach...kind of in between.

    I agree with the others that I definitely wouldn't want an all-vachetta bag. Eek! Just from reading peoples' comments over in the LV subforum about vachetta handles, patina, etc. on the monogram bags, I can't imagine dealing with something made entirely from that.
  8. Ok, really stupid question, but isn't the Carly made out of vachetta too? I was told mine was, but maybe it's different than this one b/c the Carlies are obviously dyed and this one isn't.
  9. Hmmmm, that's a good question, Willowsmom. I hope someone knows the answer. I always thought that vachetta was untreated leather (like others have said)...but maybe not. :shrugs:
  10. No, it's not always untreated. The Legacy Pocket Shoulder Tote I got at the outlet was also vachetta, but it was treated. The SA's told me that the untreated will patina over time and can't go in the rain or have the leather protected, but it's fine to do that with the dyed vachetta.
  11. Thanks for the info, upswife!
  12. It's ugly. All vachetta is crazy.
  13. if it is untreated what a nightmare that would be.
  14. all you experts are confusing this dummy !

    what do you mean patina ? help a clueless sister out,please!
  15. ^patina is when the leather changes (gets darker) over time. search over in the lv forum and you'll find a ton of posts about it.