Whats up with chloe?

  1. Since Pheobe Philo left, their stuffs gotten tacky. I love my paddy and the paddy style in general - a total classic, however this one from NAP is :yucky:. The so called silver hardware looks white and tacky and detracts from the beautifulness of the bag. Chloe have really disappointed me, I will be sticking to collecting older chloe bags if this continues.

    link: http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/19516
  2. Haute

    Do you think its maybe just the pic that is making it look that white?
  3. that never crossed my mind because its such a brilliant white in the pictures compared with the other hardware
  4. I think the nap piccies have just over exaggerated the silver! I am sure in real life, like the contrast with the mousse and the silver hardeware, that it would be nowhere near as stark!!

    I too, am slightly over the paddy as a new bag, but Chloe are definitely in the middle of a massive change over, so this season was always going to be about continuing to do what they have done to date, and await a big change for the a/w collection. I still think the bay is a great new bag from them, and I personally am keen to own something that was designed from the team and not the vision of one person.

  5. The leather on the newer paddies look kinda stiff? The 06 paddy wasn't as smooshy as the 05. The 07 paddy looks like it can sit up by itself? :push: Love the smooshy soft leather of the older paddies. Why would they change that?
  6. Wow! The lock and key look as though they are painted white!

    Like the black padlock of A/W, only white...

    Compare them to the rest of the hardware in the pics - they're definitely white, not silver. :yes:

    Are we sure there isn't a white hardware version, this season? :shrugs:
  7. I totally missed the white lock! :wacko: That is pretty bad...
  8. ^ Wouldn't be my first choice, either - it looks a bit like Tippex! :lol:

    Maybe it would look OK on a new Blanc? :shrugs:
  9. I actually don't think that the hardware is silver. I think its a type error or something like that. I only think that the side-buckles are silver but the lock and key are enamel white instead of silver as decribed on the website. If you check out the petrol moccasins they have it looks like the same colour white?
    I really don't like the mixture of hardware on that paddy.
  10. ^ ITA. :yes:
  11. Oh, I can relate! This has been my issue since fall '06! I can't believe they have taken such a signature element of the chloe bag and CHANGED IT!:cursing: The leather, and of course the gorgeous hardware, is what MADE the handbag the wonderful work of art that it is!! I have only bought ONE bag so far in '07, and that is the creme medium classic paddy. I didn't really need it, since I have that style in the ivory and the taupe, which are close, but I thought that the creme would be a nice addition. However, you are so right. The leather is COMPLETELY different. If I hadn't bought it at Neiman Marcus, I would be tempted to think it COULD be a great copy, if all I had to go on was the ones I have from '05. The leather has changed THAT much. It's still a lovely bag. But I do think that if they don't "get their act together" on the quality and come back to the originality and attractiveness of Phoebe's designs, then I am afraid that most "CHLOEphiles" will be collecting the older bags, rather than buying the new ones. I see many, many Ediths and Bettys on the sale tables...and I rarely, if ever, see that with the traditional paddy styles. So it will be interesting to watch and see if management there "gets it!" :idea: As far as "why" have they done it? I was talking to my DH about that and since he is a businessman, he came up with the one word, and obvious answer...money. They are of course, trying to increase their bottom line. I guess they think we won't notice???? Yeah, right.:rolleyes:
  12. marc jacobs did the exact same thing with the stam bags...the originals are so soft and lush...and the new ones look as bad as the fakes. he never went back to the old leather after that first batch. luckily i have an original taupe.:wlae:
  13. I've seen this one before - I think the white looks kind of ok, but, IMO, it's just another style/colour of padlock to get easily chipped and have lots of complaints made about it.:rolleyes:
    (Unless they've made it with a plastic resin material, in which case it may be a touch more durable)

    But - Why did Chloe change such a good thing? The silver/brass hardware combo's were just fine. The black - it looks nice, but chips even more readily than the oxidised brass.

    As the old saying goes - If it aint broke, don't fix it?!?:yes:
  14. ^^ Yep!

    I can't imagine what colour leather would suit that white lock. It's giving me goose bumps! :s
  15. ^ I actually quite like the idea of a coloured lock (although, I highly doubt that an enamel coated one could ever be durable).

    I think a metallic bronze coloured lock would look lovely on a chocolate Paddy, for example.

    I'm just not sure about the flat white. :s