what's up with bv?

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  1. #16 Aug 15, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2008
    I have never had my bags mistaken for anything other than what they are... Bottega Veneta. Last month I went to a glacier in Switzerland with my Veneta on my shoulder. I rode the rollercoaster and the skilifts clutching it closely.. afterward, I have several different women tell me that they had never seen anyone take "a Bottega" to the top of a mountain (and by the way, she loved it, and is none the worse for the wear!!!). They knew, and when you see and wear one, you will, too!

    From Target??? - not even in your wildest dreams... The people who need to know that you are carrying an amazing handbag, will know! ... the drape is delicious -even for the frame bags! - hold one, touch one, wear one! - it is a sensory overload, especially for this visual artist.
  2. Veneta on the top of a Mountain !!! how nice..:woohoo:
    A large Veneta is going to be my next bag!!! and the first BV bag...I can't wait..
  3. fpiccione, what color are you thinking of getting? welcome to the lovely luxurious obsession that is bv..... i hope you will purchase and post soon!
  4. i find the smell of bv bags intoxicating.
  5. I don't have a BV yet, but I knew I wanted one as soon as I touched one. To me, BVs look, feel, and smell beautiful, and that's why I like them. I'm not a flash person and I'd rather not be noticed for my bags, anyway. If I enjoy them, that's enough.
  6. to doloresmia: I am planning to get an Ebano large Veneta before year end... Last year I was already thinking of buying one but I had more in mind the noce color.. then I switched on Balenciaga bags (bought a work, a weekender, a first, a part time a MU clutch and a coin purse ....) Therefore now that I am " Bal full";) I am back on BV bags. I already got a light green cosmetics pouch this spring.. so I can already have the leather feeling.....and spending time on this forum drooling on BV bags...
  7. Ebano is my favorite color - so silky and smooth. But, take a look at the new Pleated Venetas...they are amazing. You may find one irresistible.
  8. Definitely, Ebano - to match your fabulous chocolate!!! - all colors are gorgeous, Ebano is always a knockout! You will love the way the large Veneta drapes on you! Post pics when you get it.
  9. Yes I have been looking at the pleated Veneta.. and I have read some opinions on this forum.. that were really good!! But do they have pleated Veneta in Ebano and the Large version too ??
  10. My everyday bag this summer is a large Veneta. If there is a more comfortable bag on the shoulder, I haven't found it! You can almost forget you have a bag with you, they drape so beautifully:yes:.

    p.s. interesting that OP hasn't returned. I guess she realized this is a drama-free zone. One of many reasons I love this subforum and the people here.
  11. I just bought my first bv and I had been thinking about it for a while. I had just become quite disinterested in bags, they all seemed the same to me. Lots of logos, big for one season and then you dont want to wear it anymore. My tastes have changed I began looking for bags that I could love and carry forever and wouldnt be dated. I wanted something understated and luxurious that didnt scream a label or a particular season - BV seemed like the right answer to me.
  12. Wow.:wtf: wtf, indeed.
  13. lol.
    she just doesn't understand. :nogood:

    the leather is just soooo butter-y and smooth and gorgeous and soft and gorgeous.

  14. My sentiments exactly! :confused1:
  15. Yeah, I think that Target comment was a bit much. If she can get a similar bag at Target, I definately think that she should go for it.