what's up with bv?

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  1. Hi I'm new here and obsessed wiht designer everything.
    I just can't figure out why bv is so popular- what is it that makes them so great? no offense to all you lovers out there but they look like a bag you could get at target for 20 $
  2. I don't know what to say. For once in my life, I am speechless!:nuts::nuts:

    All I can think of at the moment is that your first post is quite interesting.:wtf:
  3. Hahaha. Actually, I've been asked similar questions before. But actually it's not that popular compared to other designer brands.

    I like it's understated elegance. The designs are nice and not too flashy. And once you touch the leather, you feel the difference.
  4. haha yea,
    maybe i'm more into flashier stuff? i like when people notice that i'm carrying a designer piece and i guess with bv you can't really tell?
  5. To some people BV bags may look like other brands (I don't happen to think so) but if you examine one, feel the leather, wear it, the difference is quickly apparent. They don't need logos.
  6. that is the appeal of bv- to not be flashy and logo ridden. i have been a Louis Vuitton fan but I escape to my bv products when i want it to be admired for its craftmanship and not its logo. i also like how it is like a "secret club" where not too many are familiar with it and the ones that do are usually the fashionistas.
  7. have you tried a BV bag? i love love love the leather and that it flies under the radar. sometimes, you may be in the mood for no logos and BV is perfect. people in the know will know a BV and the quality and craftmanship behind it. once you touch it, you know it ain't a bag sold at tar-jay.
  8. i think when you know about bv, you will spot one quite easily. the leather really is tdf. i can't wait to make my first bv purchase.
  9. Apart from being made with the best materials on the outside, BVs are also lined with suede!!! Feel one and you will experience the sheer, understated luxury that BV is all about.
  10. I love their understated beauty, lovely colours and smooshy leathers. I guess that's just me - even my watches are understated, not so common pieces. I actually find that the signature weave is becoming a little too common where I am, so I've been carrying my lesser known BVs without the weave.
  11. There is a reason that BV is considered one of the most luxurious, most exclusive designer brands in the world.

    When you actually see and touch one in real life, you will feel foolish for ever comparing them to a bag from Target.
  12. I love BV simply because it's luxurious without screaming "I AM A BOTTEGA!". Yes, it's hard to tell a fake from a real from far, but one touch is enough to differentiate. The leather is buttery soft, the interior lined with suede and the smell of the leather is divine. I guess one must own a Bottega to u/stand it's charm.
  13. Absolute utter understated elegance is what the brand is all about,feel one,and you will know exactly what the ladies who have posted before me are talking about.
    Fabulous leather,suede lining and exquisite craftsmanship is what the brand is all about.Go try one on,I promise,you'll be smitten!!!

    Oh and as juzluvpink says,that leather smell.............................tdf.
  14. Bottega Venetta bags are very popular here in the states and they are beautiful. The woven leather look is fashionable and the quality of leathers used is the best. I love my BV bags and would not be able to part with them for anything.
  15. It is more about the quality and the craftsmanship than the designer logo. When a person wants to draw attention to a bag for prestige, they wear a logo. When you want to be yourself you wear a more understated bag so the person stands out more than the status symbol of the bag. Reese Witherspoon is a fan of this line and is probably the best representation of why a person chooses to wear Bottega.