What's up with BG???

  1. So I ordered the Chloe Ascot Hobo this afternoon; I was so psyched about it too coz the last time I tried to get it, it sold out right away. A couple of hours later I checked my email for confirmation from them and got nothin which I thought was weird since I always get an email right after I place an order online. So I logged on to my account on their site, and it turns out they cancelled my order! They never even bothered letting me know why. What is that about? Has anyone experienced this with them?
  2. I've never had that experience with them. I'd call them and get it straightened out! Probably an internet hiccup.
  3. Yes love2hop, I actually got a confirmations from them and then a couple days later they emailed me again and said Sorry, our stock is depleted! :cursing:
  4. Yeah, I finally chatted with someone online coz they did send me an email 6 hours later saying they were processing my order, but when I checked my acct status online, it still said Cancelled. They did run out, unfortunately. Oh well, will try again.
  5. This has happened to me with NM...I fedback online saying it was bad customer service and they said they would take notice but I wldn't know if they really would:shrugs:
  6. Their big brother NM did that to me, including not even bothering to contact me. I was so :cursing: about it b/c they lied to me and said it was canceled b/c my credit card wasn't approved. Not only was my card approved, the authorization was sitting on my online account. I even had my CC company call them and NM STILL inisisted my credit didn't go through. The very next day, the bag I ordered was off the sale site and was on the FULL PRICE page. Apparently someone made a mistake and put it on the sale page, so instead of standing good on the sale price, NM went out of their way to make me feel like trailer trash trying to buy something I couldn't afford. I'll NEVER get over that. Haven't shopped at NM since! :yucky:

    :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
    Can you tell I'm still just the slightest bit ticked off about it ?
  7. ^ NM has done this to me on several occasions. It is incredibly frustrating! I remember a few years ago, there was this coat that I was dying to have and the only place I could find it was NM.com. I ordered it and found out a couple of days later that they cancelled my order, because I happened to call to add another item to my order. Then, I re-ordered it. This time, I called to make sure that the order was processed the next day. Again, they had cancelled my order! And someone else had ordered the last one that was in stock! Needless to say, I was furious. I ended up having them track one down for me at one of the stores, but it was a big hassle. :cursing:

    Now when I order from them, I am always sure to call back and confirm until I get my shipping confirmation. I really shouldn't have to do this when ordering from a high-end store (or any store for that matter), but they do have some great merchandise...
  8. The same thing just happened to me (TWICE) with the Ferragamo Gancio Sella bag they currently have advertised on clearance. I got an email confirmation, and then I wrote back to them asking to apply the NMFALL coupon I had forgot to enter for free shipping....they sent me a response back "sorry, we got too many orders so we cancelled yours". I saw it posted in clearance still the next day so I ordered again..this time they cancelled without even notifying me! I complained online and was basically told "tough". When I made the comment that 24 hours later the bag was still being sold on clearance the online rep rudely told me "it was only yesterday". I told him I dont know where he came from (Mars?) but 5 PM on the 1st to 5 PM on the second constituted 24 hours. I also noticed its still a clearance item on NM today....it will be awhile before I order online from them again. Unfortunately BG is the same company, so I guess crappy service will prevail for both....we shouldnt have to put up with that kind of service with KMart, let alone a high end store. IMHO
  9. I have had problems with NM online ordering also. Once they sent me a $50 gift certificate with an apology. I ordered a large drawstring Gucci bag once. It was on their sale site apparently as a mistake. They cancelled my order and said it was because of my cc which was total bull. A couple weeks later I received the bag, wasn't even expecting it. They really need to work on streamlining their online orders department.