What's up w/ Fendi Spy???

  1. The Spy is so cute, but seems like everything will fall to the bottom. Why do so many ppl seem to love the Spy? Just curious. I'm thinking of the Valentino Histoire...1700...now ya got me thinking...
  2. You will find TONS of threads about the Spy bag in the Fendi forum (http://forum.purseblog.com/fendi/):yes:

    There is a thread for Fendi collection pics, too, so you could check out some IRL pics of the Spy...
  3. all my stuff falls to the bottom of all my bags! LOL!

    Moving this to fendi Forum. . . .
  4. Aah, where to begin? There are so many reasons we love the spy...sumptuous leather, unique deign, great size, fun spy compartments, great colours... I don't think you'll be disappointed with one. And yes, as with any bag, your stuff will always go to the bottom (!?), but I don't have to dig around endlessly to find things. Hope this helps!
  5. The coin purse helps with the finding important things, some members also buy one of those purse organizers for spacious purses like this. I love the colors and leather.
  6. If your worried about having to dig for stuff I would say get the mini Spy. I have one in chocolate and its so much fun, holds a ton, and you still get that feel of a Spy with the handles etc. I already want another color.
  7. I want my metallic spy back! I miss it!
  8. I once felt like you..."what is the big deal?" and even went to Neimans and tried the black and the chocolate spies and I didn't like either of them...just wasn't the look for me... and actually ended up purchasing the large magic bag that day...However,once I found the perfect color for me I went back to Neimans and tried the bag with my items inside and so loved the bag that I had to have it..So, if you are close to stores that carry the spies go in and try them on...you will find one that you will love...Good luck with the bag search...
  9. Yeah, I think that's gravity at work why everything falls to the bottom of our bags, LOL! Unless you use a purseket or something but I don't know how those would work in a Spy?

  10. Oh Fendigal, that is so sad, remember I was like that with the Petrol spy, but at least I got it back. perhaps you can get another soon
  11. The leather they used feels so good. SO soft, so buttery