What's under there?

  1. Hey ladies,

    I decided to start a poll to see how many of us love underwear. I think I love collecting it almost as much as clothes or bags. :shame:

    I am obsessed with Mary Green's silk knit hip hugger boy panties with contrasting lace- those and Hanky Panky low-rise stretch lace thongs. I won't even post how many I own of each of these in different colors..

    What's your favorite type of underwear??
  2. I LOVE underwear as well :yes: it is one of my shopping weaknesses.. I love D&G especially because of their great fit and sexy designs.

    And American Eagle boyshorts.. they are super comfy!
  3. I'm a D&G addict:yes:
  4. La Perla!!
  5. Oh gosh! I loovveee underwear shopping! I love the Sexy Little Things line at Victoria's Secret for panties and Betsey Johnson bras! D&G=also cute!
  6. Whenever I'm in the States I always stock up on Victoria's Secret underwear, I love it and it's so cheap!!!

    At home though it has to be La Senza or Bravissimo, the only shops that seem to sell my bra size!
  7. I have a bunch of AE boyshorts...I love boyshorts. But I generally shop at VS. We don't have fancy La Perla or anything here, and even if we did, I doubt I could afford it.
  8. Sexy lacy underwear is too hard to take care of. I stick to cotton boyshorts or black cotton mini panties. All black no problem boiling them in the washing machine.
  9. I am a VS gal. Love their sexy little things!