what's this one?

  1. does anyone know what this bag llo is? it was in the celebrity thread?? thanks!
  2. look like a tweed classic flap to me
  3. :yes: Yes, tweed...definetly....
  4. thanks! its gorgeous.
  5. does anyone know the year it came out? even better, does anyone own this tDF bag :drool:and have the style number? this is def. on my to buy list!
  6. I saw one at the Dubai Chanel...I'll try to get the style no. for you tomm.
  7. WOW! thanks! that'd be amazing, bc i tried calling the 800 number and they said that they can't search further back then 2005 fall UNLESS i had the style number! oh i'm soo excited...i wonder if they'll ship to the US!:idea:
  8. I've been hunting for a tweed as well. they've not done any this season :sad:
  9. That bag is so pretty. I really like the tweed.
  10. It's so cute :heart:
  11. I love a tweed bag. I'd like to see a dark one...with all multicolored threads running through it.......
  12. how much are the tweed bags?