Whats this MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE Song ??

  1. OMG its really bugging me, I cant remember it. Ive searched the whole of the net. When it starts it has a very strong beat that builds up, its like something out of a horror movie lol. Can anyone name this song ??

    thankyou ~
  2. Helena?

    do you have itunes? you can preview the songs in their albums
  3. It's not The Black Parade is it?
  4. Thanks guys, its not helena or black parade. Ive just checked those :sad:

    The song comes on with such an unusual and heavy beat that repeats itself.
  5. Could it be House of Wolves?
  6. thanks so much for all your responces, I have still not found it :sad:

    If this helps - the 1st part of the song was featured in My super sweet 16, Ariel's party in the scene when she asks her dad for a band