What's this Monogram Charms style?

  1. ^Sigh^
    I just love bright pink.
  2. oh thats from s/s 06. I dont remember/think it was on the runway, but it was produced, I have a few photos of it from magazines and a friend of mine bought it. TOTALLY useless lol!
  3. This is my favourite style from the Charms line...not sure what name though!
  4. Monogram Charms Sac Fermoir
  5. I was about to post that John! Good job.

    I dug up a screen print of LV's site from March of last year.

  6. I'm full of useless photos tonight. Here it is in taupe also.
  7. ^I love the chain handle/strap. I wish the pochettes came with a strap like that!
  8. I know!! I looooove that LV on the chain. :love:
  9. Lol that was one thing that drew me to the Cabas...the LVs on the straps. I love mine. :heart:
  10. I love that and your Vegas bracelet. It is the same kind of chain isn't it Rebecca?
  11. Yeah it's pretty much the same. I think they came out around the same time also. :smile:
  12. ^ Rebecca's Charms Cabas is GORGEOUS!
  13. yes, fermoir. it's beautiful!!!
  14. thanks everybody :flowers:

    That's sooo cute, absolutely love the handle :nuts: