Whats this LV bag called ?

  1. Who knows the proper name for the new 2006 LV bags featuring the chains and the scarf as a handle ?? They feature in the Gisele ads
  2. Silk Scarf Charm bags:

  3. I'm not too sure about this one. It looks like Gucci.
  4. How does it look like Gucci when you can clearly see the "LV" at the top right?
  5. I loooooove this bag. The trompe d'oeil effect is so cute.
  6. I think this range will be pretty expensive due to the trim:oh:
  7. Cute :biggrin:
  8. aren't those bags going for like 4000+?
  9. argh it racks my brain now, but there is one designer that makes a similar bag like this with the chains etc...
  10. I was told that this bag is around $3500 + dollars. Call 866-VUITTON and speak with one of the SA's. I know that there will be so many of this show piece to go around which explains the expensive price tag.
  11. It's a LV clutch. Not Gucci. Good to collect one and keep it as a vintage item. Great to wear during evenings.
  12. It says in the latest BAZAAR that it's $5000.00 :wacko: :nuts: !!! NO THANKS!!!
  13. BAZAAR it is really not practical
  14. I just spoke to a lady at 1-866-VUITTON and she told me that BAZAAR is right on the money: this bag does cost $5000.00!:P
  15. Ugh....no thanks.