What's this forum like?

  1. Hi there,

    Just curious if newbies are welcome to make comments. Other forums I've been at look down at newbies posting comments because they "haven't established" themselves as members :confused1:

    I don't think this forum is like that. :sweatdrop::shrugs:

    A curious newbie,

  2. No, this forum is great--we love newbies! How can one establish his or herself if one is discouraged from making comments? How bizarre!
  3. YEP..The general discussion area is for that.....There are individual forums for bag questions for each specific designer too.Welcome and feel free to ask questions!
  4. Oh I'm still prob'ly a "noob" here by some forum's standards... just enjoy your love of bags, and let your self run free! :yahoo:

  5. Welcome! We're a fun loving purse obsessed group and the more the merrier :graucho: . Have fun posting, sharing and learning, too!
  6. thats lame that other forums look down on newbies. after all, everyone was once a newbie. and how the hell do they expect you to establish yourself without posting? boneheads. please feel free to post away on TPF!
  7. newbies are welcome here.. just post away.. welcome!
  8. *looks down her cyber-nose* Ewww, a n00b!


    Just kidding! We all start out as newbies. Everyone is very welcoming here and has a great attitude. Welcome to the forum! :nuts:
  9. I've not ever noticed that here...I do know what you mean though, and have seen it elsewhere. Oh, and WELCOME, by the way!
  10. ^ agree everyoen is a newbie. and if u dont comment or make posts you will never not be a newbie.. so f course its cool.

  11. Welcome to tPF! This forum is for everyone. We like newbies.

    Everyone here is great! Just a warning, this place is extremely addictive!
  12. Thank you for not making me feel like an idiot and for the WELCOMES
  13. A newbie here welcoming another newbie!!:yahoo:
  14. Yeah! Welcome to the PF tahitisweetie and Nina_LV! This only bad thing about this place is that it is so damn addictive!
  15. I'm a newbie here too and just wanted to say the users of this forum have been extremely friendly and helpful.