What's this Ferragamo style please?

  1. [​IMG]

    I need to know the style name of this Ferragamo bag. Thanks! Where can I find info on past season's styles?
  2. Wish I knew. It sure is lovely!
  3. I wish I knew too. It's my mother's and she purchased it a few seasons ago. I think bags styles that don't repeat should have style names in the bag somewhere. I CAN ask the SA who sold it to her, but I would think I'd get a faster response here.
  4. You are in luck - I have the name but it is very simple: Gancini Large Satchel

    I don't think Ferragamo names their bags like the other designers, but it sure would help if they did!
  5. Thank you sooo much, favoritethingshawaii!!!
  6. How did you know the name, if I may ask?