What's this color?

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  1. hi guys..

    was wondering what this color is on Diabro? they sent me this picture... on the site they call it Khaki? but they said they dont know the actual name of the color...:confused1: could it be sandstone?

    TIA :tup:
  2. It's naturel (or perhaps sandstone) but my bet is on naturel...
  3. ^^I'm with KDC...Naturel. I think it's too light for Sandstone.
  4. ^ I'm with Maggien too....
  5. natural too , i think.
  6. That is SANDSTONE.
  7. I agree with ICB, definetely Sandstone
  8. thanks guys... geeze... why didnt Diabro just use the Bal original names like the other colors?! sooo is that sandstone or naturel? I'm so confused...
  9. Definitely Sandstone. Khaki is what what Diabro call it...
  10. ok thanks guys! hmm... now I have to decide whether to get it or not... I fell in love the PT when I saw it with GH,... but not so sure about RH... but the price is so tempting!