What's this character's name and...

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  1. I really love this character, do any of you know what's her name and which prints are she usually in? tia:p

  2. It's mozzarella. She is on Citta/CR and Paradiso.
  3. and tutti
  4. I totally forgot tutti and she is right in the middle of my bag. hahaha.
  5. Mozarella is really starting to grow on me!! The more I see her, the move I luv her!!
  6. Thanks so much!:flowers:
  7. Sounds like something i would do. I guess she's on famiglia too....like in the HUGE PIC at the beginning of this thread.....i think it's bedtime for me soon.:shrugs:
  8. Mozzarella is awesome. I have the yellow shirt & people ask if she's from some cartoon.
  9. I love her dressed in that outfit...that is one of my fave characters!!
  10. She's not on tutti :confused1: On tutti it's the real cow mozarella. There are 2 different characters that look like this...one is the girl who's on paradiso & famiglia and one is the cow who's on citta & famiglia & tutti. Right, or am I confused now? :confused1:
  11. I love her. I just got Mozz vinyl toy- I proudly display her at home.
  12. JenY, I'm with you...I've always seen them as two different characters. One's a cow and one's an angel, both with machine guns. LOL!

  13. hmm I'm guessing they're two diff. character too since Mozzarella has blue hair ...
  14. Thanks!! I thought I was going :nuts: for a second but then I went to famiglia for reference and they're both on there but you're right, one is a cow and one is an angel. They are 2 different characters!! Both adorable though! :love:
  15. I agree about the hair remark. They're just similar IMO because of the gun... but we can call her mozzarella too since I don't think they're on the same print ever