Whats this Chanel's name?

  1. Does anyone know what is this Chanel design called??

    I saw it on e-bay and cant find it on Chanel.com for verification...:confused1:
  2. Pilou Face or something like that.
  3. There's a smaller flap version of it too.
  4. I saw some of these today at NM in palo alto. Pretty nice, but I can't deal with the asymmetry.
  5. i'm so curious to see these in person. i think they look so interesting.
  6. Pile Ou Face A33365
  7. I really like this bag!
  8. I like it. It's cute.
  9. i have seen it in person at Chanel in HK - they have two versions, the white one and a black one that is a bit more tote like ...
  10. Pile Ou Face, otherwise known as "Heads or Tails"...it's an interesting bag...i like the white a lot!