What's this black CC shopper called?

  1. Hi,
    Does anyone know what the name is of this bag? And/or have a product number?
    Also, what is the price(range) and what season is it from? Do you think it is still available?
    I really like it... :love: TIA!
    chshopper1.jpg chshopper.jpg
  2. It's the new modern chain, but it's just been recalled bc of the chain breaking. Hopefully they'll fix the problem and reissue it.
  3. oww, that's not good :s
    Darn, and I really liked it. Anyone know the price by the way?
    Do they still have it in stores?
  4. They might still sell it to you... but they SHOULD have had them recalled and would discourage you to buy it. :smile: