What's this bag?

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  1. Thanks...

    I saw it on the LV website.

    Can I have the price and name?
  2. kind of looks like the YSL bag tha evryone seems to be arrying. il like it though.
  3. Where on the site is it showing up? I can't find it.
  4. oh thats a great picture of it! hadnt seen that on the website yet.

  5. I don't know where it was? I went to ty and find it again and it's gone? Maybe it was the French site? IDK...
  6. FOUND IT!

    Go to main page then click Other Countries OR UK then click Scarlette Johnasons picture and it takes you to more pictures... And it's in there.

    Here's the whole pic...
  7. Nice bag!!!!
  8. I'ts a beautiful Bag. Now I am torn between the BV and Tivoli.:nogood:
  9. i have to say that the ad pics make the bag look a lot better than previous pics we've seen. oh boy, i might have to add this to my list too....
  10. All of these pretty bags coming out! I'm still trying to decide on which one will be my first bag. I think I should wait until the September ones come out.
  11. so pretty. can't wait to see it in store.
  12. I may have to get this in the PM. It may even replace my Speedy 25.

    The PM is described at 36cm across though.. really? that big?
  13. Thank you soo much for the questions, info & pics on the gorgeous, gorgeous Tivoli PM! ! ! I'm a hardcore monogram fan, and have been completely gaga over it since I saw in on labeladdict's fall 07 summary posting (thanks labeladdict :heart:).

    I've already asked an SA @ the Stanford LV to call me as soon as it becomes available (she said November but I remember a posting on tpf that mentioned October?). This is the first & only bag that I'm nabbing the minute it comes out and I CAN HARDLY STAND THE WAIT!:drool::drool::drool:
  14. scarlett definitely made this bag look hotter than in the look book :graucho:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.