Whats this bag called?

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  1. Hey there.. Anyone have this bag? I think its super cute.. anyone know how much and have photos w/ it? Thanks!!!

  2. That's the monogram Stephen..I think Jill has it :yes:
  3. Got to agree with babydoll. That is really prettY!
  4. Yup. It's the Monogram Stephen. I believed it was sold out worldwide, but a fellow TPF'er said that she saw one or two on display last week.

    Oh Jill? Yoo hoo! Where are you? :search:
  5. Hey LVbabydoll.. Thanks! you are always soo fast!!! :smile:

    Thanks to everyone else too.. LOL I had to refresh and saw everyone else's quick responses.. gotta love this place :yes:
  6. there's also an Ivorie version which is tdf....there's couple of them on eBay now if you search for Louis Vuitton Stephen.
    OT-Another avatar John? Each time is better than B4, i wish that's how it goes w/me and pix<--never at peace lol
  7. Lol no problem. I was surprised Juan hadn't zipped in here. He's sneaky like that. :graucho: :roflmfao:

    Sometimes this shows up on elux and it's a pretty decent price for the size. I can't remember the exact amount but somewhere around $2500? I wish I could remember.
  8. Ahem, YOO HOO, I believe you took my saying? :roflmfao:
  9. elux only have the extreme leopard chain pump now.....Lvbabydoll-Elux have the mono or the Ivoire?
  10. There's no selling allowed on TPF. ;)
  11. STEPHEN!! Beautiful, right???
  12. I love this bag! I just can't bring myself to spend the $$$ on it!
  13. mono stephen. very nice.... i wish!!!!!!!!!