What's this about the new GIANT bag?

  1. I was told that next year there is going to be a giant bag with giant gold hardware. The SA who told me this said it's gorgeous and she saw it on the runway. I'm not sure if the bag is giant too or if all bags will have this. I'm going to call her today to get more info (I was in a super hurry) but was wondering if anyone else has heard this?
  2. OH- keep us posted- I haven't heard about this style.
  3. Would it be bigger than the weekender? Wow. This I gotta see.
  4. She kept calling it the "giant" bag but then commenting on the giant gold hardware. Like I said, I was in a hurry so didn't question her very much. I'm thinking giant GOLD hardware sure sounds blingy but I'm very curious! I'll keep you posted...
  5. try to find the pics in the balenciaga latest runway maybe...
  6. hmm interesting... would love to hear more about this!
  7. I wonder if she was referring to the XL Courier? Other than that, I haven't heard anything about a bigger bag than that!! Then again, all the fashion mags have been showing pretty BIG-sized (actually HUGE) bags!!!
  8. Okay...she said that it's actually "like" the FIRST bag but with big clunky gold hardware. She said it's pre-spring so maybe we'll see it around December? I wonder if she's right...somehow I'm not really trusting her info.
  9. I bet you it was the brief that we have all seen on atelier.
  10. I bet the brief will convert Gucci lovers since it looks a bit like some of their models
  11. It sounds like the brief! I wonder when the waitlists are going to open. I would love to get one!!!
  12. Hmm, it's OK. I still don't know if I like that blingy gold hardware. I can't wait to see that bag in person though.
  13. Hehe... I posted this a long time ago! Since then, yeah, it's defintiely the Brief that she was talking about... and I'm still loving it. :smile:
  14. I just checked the date stamp. This thread is Ancient!!

    It got brought back from the dead :P