What's the worst thing your pets have done?


<3 life
Aug 20, 2007
Oh where do I start...

Chewed up a $100 pair of pumps
Chewed up countless DVDs from Netflix...they've made a fortune off of us
Scratched up a window ledge...now we need to spackle and paint it again
Countless pairs of underwear, socks, and zippers to replace
Opened a few Christmas gifts already

Yet, I still love the little monster! :P

holly di

Oct 5, 2006
As a puppy he...

Chewed off the heel of some very expensive shoes.

Scratched a hole in the wall


Ate 42 homemade cookies that were cooling on my kitchen counter, then he proceeded to have watery projectile diarrhea for 3 days.

He takes bananas off of the kitchen counter and takes them to his hiding place (this happens a couple of times a week)

He recently jumped through the kitchen window (it was open) while we were gone, destroying our mini-blinds, only to then go impregnate our neighbors dog

But, I love him so much!!!!!!!!!


Ma to the d@mn D-E-A
Jan 27, 2007
The dogs I have now have never been very destructive.

Mariah chewed on a couple of chair legs when she was a puppy, but she stopped that pretty fast.

Princess has been pretty good too(but we got her when she was like 1y/o). She used to have troubles with going to the bathroom inside, but doesnt do that anymore!

I do have a few stories of other dogs lol.

We had a dog named D.E
We had a box of HOT chicken wings on the dining room table while we were eating. We heard a noise outside so we jumped up to see what it was, and when we turned around D.E had his head in the box of chicken!

We would have to hide the garbage because we would always come home to find garbage EVERYWHERE.

When I was little my Mom brought home a full grown Husky. When we left a few days later, we came home to the door jam completely torn apart. We had to pay $400.00 to get it fixed!

Hmm..thats all I can think of.


Up On My Toes!
Jun 6, 2006
So many pets, so many crazy things, but I guess the worst from my pet's point of view was this:

Last winter, one of my dogs stole half a pound of raw bacon off the kitchen counter as I was cooking dinner. I had to rush her to the vet who induced vomiting. She was miserable!


Aug 26, 2006
One of our dogs was wild for the first 2 years: tore up pillows and shook the stuffing all over; chewed his way out of a crate in the utility room, then pooped and knocked the ironing board over so it landed in the poop; chewed up an outdoor lounge cushion and shook foam rubber all over the yard; chewed up a typewriter (yes, a metal typewriter); opened gifts under the tree including an art set he dragged into the LR to spread paint all over the carpet and a bottle of perfume that he opened--the smell lasted a year in that room. Those are some that I remember, other than the usual chewed up remote controls, shoes, etc.

Wild Orchid

Feb 23, 2007
Oh my, what stories so far. My three dogs now have been pretty good. No huge amount of destruction. Other dogs though...

A weimaraner we wound up giving up due to these issues...smashed up/chewed/dented three metal kennels he had due to anxiety issues not only causing damage to the kennels but to himself, tore up carpeting in our old apartment that we had to pay several hundred dollars to replace, chewed up our house's bedroom carpeting, completely destroyed two window's blinds, chewed up a 3 foot section of fabric on a sectional we had, destroyed a pair of Dior sunglasses, and knocked over a pumpkin pie cooling on the stove that took 6 hours to bake which fell face down on the floor. His last destruction was a plastic kennel with metal window sections that he proceeded to chew and scratch less than a foot section into and somehow managed to squeeze himself out of. The act that nearly drove me to a loony bin, however, was when he was left out and got into all the cabinets and tore up every single boxed item inclusive of pasta and rice and it was ALL over the living room. He also chewed up a huge jar of peanut butter which was mixed in with the pasta. I pretty much sat down, cried, then went to bed to deal with it later, lol. Needless to say he wound up finding a new family that could hopefully tolerate this behavior.

We also had a german shephard (didn't get rid of him due to bad behavior though) that was afraid of pillows. One day while left unattended not in his kennel he tore up 4 of them and there was nothing but pillow fluff all over the bedroom. He also got into a bag of three musketeer mini candy bars and managed to eat them, wrappers and all, which we induced vomiting but he was okay.


like two plums
Jan 10, 2007
Hmmm, let's see:

-brought home a lovely green beaded gucci slipper (not mine!)
-brought home an entire unopened box of cat biscuits
-had diarrhoea in the middle of the night. IN MY BEDROOM. Thank god it was just once.

One of our friends adopted an "abuse case." He was a menace but they loved him! One day, he saw something sticking up out of the ground in the garden and went "hmmm, what's that?" Of course, he bit it and pulled it up - turned out it was their underground sprinkler system. By the time they got home, he'd followed the tubing around the whole garden and ripped the whole thing up!


Feb 14, 2007
My dog craps on my living room rug on a daily basis. She's 13 years old. It's not going to stop. If she wasn't so cute she'd be homeless. I can't think of any human being who wouldn't be dead if they took a dump in my living room.

When she was much younger she peed in my bed with me in it. I woke up to find myself laying in a pool of urine. It was in my hair and my pajamas were soaked. She was laying down at the edge of the bed high and dry. Shortly after that is when my brother made her a ramp for the bed.


Sep 22, 2007
Hahah , kind of a long story, but here it goes

One day I wake up in the house, and I'm the only one home and I hear this female voice downstairs. Its definetly not any voice that I know so I go in my desk drawer and get a pair of scissors ( I know.. effective weapon right?) and creep downstairs. I see that my table is overturned and I listen closely to the voice and its saying "If you would like to place another call please hang up and dial again". My dogs had knocked over my table in an effort to get the last remnants of a popcorn bag and then decided to chew the phone since it landed on the ground too! They scared the hell out of me!