What's the worse thing you've ever done to a purse?

  1. I walked into a brick wall the other night with the old Coach I was carrying taking the brunt of the hit. I could hear the bag going "scratch!" and "rip!" and feel my body bouncing off the wall. Was walking to dinner with friends, talking too much, it was dark and I'm blind in one eye. At least it was the bag that ended up battered not me.

    What's the worst that you've done to a bag?

    I look at that delicate RM white confection on the TPF main screen and I sigh "Alas, such loveliness is not meant for me. My bags always end up looking like Indian Jones' duffle after a month."
  2. i abuse my suede bottega veneta bag :sad:
    i put it in floors and stuffs, now it's dirty adn i don't use it anymore :crybaby:
  3. I tried to clean up a pen mark on my blush fendi bag with fairy (you now, what you use for your dishes!) I was so excited about it getting out, I din't notice I was scrubbing off the color of the bag as well :sad:, leaving a brighter and bigger spot than the penmark ever was! :crybaby: Luckily it was on the back/bottom of the bag... :noggin:
  4. Ugh, I've put my white MJ on the dirty floor of a bar's bathroom. :wtf::throwup:I was drunk - I swear I didn't mean it!
  5. I onced owned a LV monogram Alma and I was repairing a nail with crazy glue, not paying attention and not realizing that I had the tube pointed down and the bag was sitting under where I was standing and it ran down on one side, I wiped as much as I could off, but it was'nt good. I had taken it to LV and they sent it out to be repaired, they had to replace that whole side panel. I was so upset. Its one of those situations where if you could reach and kick yourself hard you would.
  6. ive spilled nail polish in a coach bag. and a coworker accidentally spilled a whole glass of iced tea into a bag of mine once....
  7. I opened the box containing my brand-new Be & D Crawford tote--the amazingly soft deerskin one in sand. I took the bag out of its duster, admired it for a second, and set it down on the counter on top of a junky, oily, black antique leather I'd just brought back from Morocco. When I picked up the Crawford, the whole side was stained with oily, leather-dye-like markings.


    Or so I thought...

    Hysterical, I sent it to a cleaner/restorer in Chicago (Without a Trace is their name, I think) and they sent it back in almost-new condition.

    Nothing gets set down on anything other than its dustbag from now on. Some lessons you learn the hard way.
  8. I've gotten caught out in a HUGE rain storm with my bulga banana colored crescent bag :sad: The leather is still soft..but not as much so as before
  9. I tripped walking up the stairs holding my first leather Coach bag. I fell on my knees and the bag served to break my fall. Now there is a big scratch on the back where I slid with it across the porch.
  10. Ah--it still hurts me to think about it to this day!

    Last winter I was rushing to catch a cab and I took a wildly spill on the sidewalk! Not only did I tear a nice hole in my black dress pants (which I had JUST had tailored to perfection) but my weeks old Gryson Ava beared the brunt of my fall.

    The trigger lock put a very noticiable and LARGE scratch on the front of the bag. I wasn't able to get the scratch--really more like a divet--out of the bag, nor was my handy leather repair guy. Although he did comment on how nice my bag was!

    The moral of the story? Do not run while carrying a beloved bag, especially when suffering a hangover.
  11. I wore a Coach suede flap bag to my friend party for the frst time and my son was playing in the pool with friend and splach me and my new bag with water from the pool. The bag was ruined...
  12. Heh, this is actually why I've been hanging out on this forum recently. One word: bleach. Not good for pretty black leather Hobo (the brand, not the style) bags. At least it was for a good cause, I was helping my parents stage their house (sold quickly and they're now in a beautiful condo). And my currently $12 sale rack Fossil bag is doing a great job of just falling apart on its own :rolleyes:.
  13. try to clean it so that you can use it again... me I always accidentally have a mark of a pen or break the zipper...
  14. Wow, now that I think about it, I seriously need to be more careful with my bags!

    MJ tote: spilled half a Starbuck's mocha right on the interior suede lining! What can I tell you? My bag was open and I'm a klutz!

    Coach suede saddle-bag-y messenger (a pink color): wore this with dark jeans and stained the entire back. I managed to get most of the color off though, I can't even really see it now. So that made me feel better. :smile:
  15. Ahh, I have a three (maybe even more?!). First, I was studying for the Bar this summer and spilled an entire grande iced soy latte on my brand new andrea bruckner overnighter. Needless to say, with all the stress I was under at the time I just burst out sobbing (fortunately I was studying in an empty classroom). Somehow, amazingly, it dried just fine.
    Second, I was using a brand new patent leather clutch. Being the huge klutz that I am, I tripped and my hand all but sraped the bag across the concret. Again, the bag gods were smiling down on me- no damage to the bag.
    Finally, I was using my Gryson Skye which is grey with white trim. I dropped an entire to-go box of pasta with red sauce. I thought I got away unscathed, until I got home and, literally, smelled the tomato sauce. Sigh, all down the front. I freaked out, got out the Murphy's Oil Soap. I figure, it it's good enough for my $3500 saddle, it's good enough for Gryson. It worked great- no sign of tomato!