What's the word on Sahara? How does it compare?

  1. I have been on the hunt for a Mastic or Sandstone RH work. Anyone who has seen Sahara IRL, is it lighter than Sandstone? Does the leather seem to be consistently dry on the Sahara bags or is that a misconception? Help!:hysteric:
  2. I got a City and the leather is gorgeous. Not dry at all. My BG First is much more dry. I don't have a camera to post pics. Sorry! When I pulled my Sahara out the the box I was blown away by how pretty it is. It made me want to get a Work also. Daphne picked it out for me and she did a great job.:love:
  3. I am dying for a mastic work!!! Is it still avaliable??

    and Shasta.. powder posted comparison pics of sahara and mastic...

    wait let me find it
  4. It is a alot lighter the sandstone or mastic. I've had all three. My Sahara has the best leather out of them all.
  5. In your opinion, which color is the best?
  6. I like the Sahara best. I'm sure many would disagree because it is very light. I've been wanting a bbag that is the color of the sand where I live and this is finally it for me. I don't know about other bags this season but the leather on this bag was also the nicest of all these colors from what I remember. I sold the others a little while ago(actually, Corey at RDC sold them for me).
  7. I thought Sahara was such a gorgeous color when I saw it on a Part-Time at BalNY earlier this month. It is definitely lighter than Mastic. I don't think I could maintain that pale color well though, so I got a Part-Time in Vert Thyme with Silver Giant Hardware instead.
  8. i prefer sandstone b/c it's the darkest out of the 3 and it has more of a 'pink' undertone than yellow.

    but i'm probably very biased lol

    you can prob find one with nice leather... i'm sure not ALL of them have dry leather
  9. I saw Sahara just this week and it is so gorgeous. I don't know about the others as I haven't seen those, but Sahara was a head turner IMO. I love neutrals and this color is just so classy and pretty. The leather was also stunning, shiny and rich. Yum yum Sahara :drool: I loved it.
  10. I think it's a great light neutral, much lighter than Sandstone and Mastic. It's more toward the Natural end of the spectrum, but prettier. With GSH, it has a sort of nice, icy look. With GGH it seems to look warmer, but I've only seen the picture posted on the pf.