Whats the wierdest thing you have put in your Hermes bag?

  1. I don't know if this has been done before.

    This had me laughing to myself last night (I admit I never did this before)

    I purchased some shrimp from the fish market yesterday and some potatoes from the local whole foods (and some other groceries) and threw it in my Black Box Birkin :wtf: I didn't want the shrimp to get squashed in the bag I was holding in the other hand so I tossed it in my purse. Yuk I know! But it held the potatoes (6 of them) and the shrimp really well!

    anyone else? :supacool:
  2. LOL!!!
    Well, dare I admit this??
    When my dog Jack was a puppy he had a little pooping problem, so my vet asked me to bring him a sample. I had to bring a baggie of dog poop seven blocks to the vet, so of course I stuck it into the Kelly I was carrying daily back then.
    Only later did I realize what in the world I had done. Needless to say I adore my dog and would do anything in the universe for him, so I did it without even a second thought!!
  3. My breast pump when I was b/feeding the girls.
  4. It´s all about life, I love it!
  5. silicone implants (those for the boobs yup)
  6. haha! Lilach,... why the heck did you have boobies in your bag? They belong "under the muscle" hahaha

    Cynthia! You beat me,.. dog poop beats raw smelly fishy shrimp!
  7. well before they went to the place where they belong my surgeon gave me different sizes home so that i could check with my wardrobe what size i should get. ahem somehow that sounds more like shoe shopping [​IMG]
  8. Campbell soup and fruits.

  9. Are we talking abt the manual or electric? I am still carrying my Medela backpack everyday tog with my work bag. People who do not know me well thinks i am climbing Mt Everest in office suit.
  10. LOL, I do this too <hides>.
  11. :tup: my EBM in a little cooler bag :yes:
  12. LOL !!
    Mine was the avent isis uno bag !
    Then i decided to rest my aching shoulders and bought another separate pump to leave at work ;)
  13. Great thread, ladies...and to think I would be shy about putting a glass bottle of nail polish in my future H bag--and you guys are carrying around fish, stool samples, and breast implants. *LOL*
    I love it. ;)
  14. Thank you Baggaholoc for this thread. The timing is perfect for me. When I saw the title I screamed: SHRIMPs! I was torturing myself for the last two days but thought of myself as a pervert having been carrying 2lbs of shrimp in my Birkin. What a relief now when I took it off my chest :roflmfao:. My hubby :cool: didn't understand what was my drama all about, but he is generally so casual about Hermes...
  15. LOL - mine was the Avent one - the manual one...I didn't need an electric, I just had to lean forward and I could fill the large size bottle all by myself!!! LOL!!!