What's the weirdest thing you have ever put into your LV bag?

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  1. I remembered this specific scene when Carrie Bradshaw was doing jury duty and the man beside her pulled a mango/coconut out of his briefcase. Oh and this was stolen from the Balenciaga forum. :graucho: if you may, please do post pictures.

  2. I put a loaf of homemade bread my mom made in my Speedy once. I had to sneak it past my SO, who loves her homemade hawaiian sweet bread, and smuggle it onto the highest (un-seeable) shelf in the pantry.
  3. A horse bridle... when I was at the Dublin Horse show!! I had to do a quick tack change between competitions and only had my bag with me! lol
  4. A squeaky latex chicken (small dog toy). I was mailing it to a dear friend and the darn thing squeaked in my speedy 30 all the way from my car to the desk at the Post Office. :whistle:
  5. I put my 7 hermit crabs in my Broadway once, as part of a practical joke on someone.
  6. Usually my lunch.. :shame:
  7. I had a yogurt in my bag today but put it in a ziploc baggie first in case it exploded.
  8. a cup of Cold Stone ice cream! I was sneaking it into a movie theatre that doesn't allow outside food...I had to balance it carefully so it didn't spill!
  9. cat food! for my cat of course!
  10. omg.. its crazy...
  11. This made me :lol:
  12. I would have to say a rawhide dog bone.
  13. Wow! This seriously takes talent!!! :yes:
  14. lol i always carry a can of cat food..for strays..
  15. That's lovely to hear. :heart: I am feeding two stray cats Science Diet at my BF's house every night as well.

    I think the weirdest thing I can remember putting in my LV bag was the filter cartridge for my fish tank in my office to bring to the aquarium shop to see if they had any left to sell me. :shame: