What's the weirdest thing you have ever put into your Bbag?

  1. Yesterday I found myself carrying a scalpel blade (covered of course), gauze, Betadine swabs and alcohol prep pads in my Bbag! (Don't ask why. LOL. ) It occurred to me that I should start a thread about this! What is the most bizarre thing you have ever carried in your Bbag? Inquiring minds want to know! :p
  2. P.S. FWIW it was my anthracite flat messenger. LOL.
  3. Extra shirts and panties for my messy 4 year old.
  4. Interesting topic!

    Mine would be race-used gloves from a NASCAR driver in this year's Daytona 500 (has to do with my job).
  5. I often have a small collection of toy parts floating around in there - a shoe, a Barbie head, a tiny stuffed dog, a glow stick that's almost out of glow. They were all received with the words: "Here mommy, hold this!" and are never asked for again. I draw the line at food though.
  6. Hmm. A full-sized can of hair spray from work (I work in the beauty magazine industry), cadbury's chocolate eggs, a book and a stapler.
  7. I once put one of those yoghurt drinks in my bag. Never thought anymore about it, until I brought out a pen and it was covered in a white chalky substance.:confused1:

    Something had pierced the lid, and the contents were all over the inside of my bag. Fortunately I just pulled the inner lining out, washed it, and dried in under the hand dryers at work.:sweatdrop:

    Needless to say I don't carry them in my bag anymore.
  8. Earthquake emergency kit.

    My cat. (She put herself in, does that count?)
  9. My monkey - I'm only kidding all of you animal lovers out there! Epi Pen, in case of bee stings.
  10. My bag is not usually interesting but I often tell my mother she should go on let's make a deal cuz whatever Monty Hall asks for she'd have it!! "I'll give $100 to anyone who has a flashlight in their bag.", "I'll give $100 to anyone who has a road atlas in their bag."....yup, that's my mom!! But she's always good in a pinch for a bandaid, Tylenol, needle and thread...you name it!
  11. I love these! Keep 'em coming! :yes:
  12. I actually have a flashlight in my bag, LOL. I have bandaids, rolaids, tylenol, mini crossword, kleneex, miss-a-kit (swiss alrmy knife for girls), umbrela. I like to be prepared :p .
    inside contents.jpg
  13. I can't think of anything weird.. hmm... probably shots of pain killers for my puppy, but I can't even remember if I carried them in MY bag, or if my Mom took them :p

    Do you really have a monkey? Is that him/her in your avatar?:cutesy:
  14. Exercise bands! I carry them all the time because they are light and roll up.... You would be amazed at the things you can do with them..
  15. Hmmm, maybe my retainers, which seems like a normal thing to carry in a bag, but the security at the airport was really freaked out by it!