what's the weirdest thing someone has said to you after a weight change?

  1. i just saw my BIL tonight after not seeing them for a couple of months. i've probably lost 15 lbs (+/- a few) since the last time i saw him. when i first walked in, even before he said hello he goes "every time i see you, you disappear just a little more!" then later i went to move my nieces diaper bag and he says "don't worry, i won't search that for your meth stash." :wtf: that's not as bad as it sounds...he's a cop...it actually made me laugh really hard. :roflmfao: i've just never had anyone comment on my weightloss that way before! i'm not even as skinny as i've been in the past. weird.

    what's the strangest thing anyone has ever said to you about a weight change....either bigger or smaller?
  2. Oh my!

    Years ago when my young woman's metabolism allowed for weight loss with foolish starvation dieting :wtf: I was very thin for the first time and my friend said I was "infinitesimal". So goofy, it still cracks me up.
  3. hehe it's not as weird as some of the other things people may have heard.. but I recently lose like 7 pounds.. and when my mom noticed, she said (ruefully) "oh.. you lost your butt! :sad:"

    hahha I laughed so hard.. since I still have a LOT more butt to lose!! :biggrin:
  4. I was at the supermarket last week when my friend of 13 years walked in. The last time she saw me was when I was 360 pounds. I called out to her and she stopped, looked at me like she was puzzled, and said, "I am sorry; I don't remember your name." She didn't recognize at all. When I told her who I was, she was really embarrassed and apologetic.
  5. Someone who hadn't seen me since a 40 lb lost said that I was "shining".
  6. "man, i thought you were hot before, but in the past month, you're like REALLY hot!"

    and then he asked to see my boobs.

    that was at like 3 this morning. god i love college.
  7. Oh, gotta love college! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. ahem...sorry...i was still a little tipsy when i posted that...haha, it did happen, though.
  9. haha.. wait.. AMANDA, you still have college? isn't it summer?
  10. i'm not in class for the summer, but i'm still in a college town with my college buddies. no class just means more time to become intoxicated!
  11. I recently lost 73 pounds, and I'm still losing. I went to the bank by my parents for the first time in months (because I'm currently living in two different placesm - my apartment at college and home with my parents.) and the bank clerk who is always staring at my boyfriend came over to me and said "excuse me, but did you lose like, alot of weight? Holy crap - I wouldn't have recognized you without him (pointing to my boyfriend) next to you!"
  12. When I lost 20 lbs, my Dad said, "your nose is smaller!!"
    I have a big nose that is my GrandMother's, so I guess he got worried I will loose that part of me that reminds him of his Mother!