What's The Verdict???

  1. Looks good to me...they're taking quite a risk to be selling it for that low...but it's only been a day...and 21 bids..

    Good Luck..
  2. THANKS girlie!!! I know, price looks too good. But, I'm sure it won't stay that way. I hope I can snag it cheap:biggrin:
  3. From what I see it looks good to me, too. Good luck~!
  4. khoi's a guy. :cool:

    but yea, the bag looks fine. there's still 5 days left on it, so it'll def go up by then i'm sure.
  5. yup...:biggrin: but when you're in a place called the Purse Forum........:lol:
  6. lol i know.. that's why i changed my title to have my name in it.