Whats the ugliest...

  1. purse you have ever seen? It is horrible to know people can make purses this ugly!!! I want to cry :cry: LOL!!!
    Ugliest Purse Ever.jpg License Plate Purse.jpg
  2. I don't like those bags made out of juice cartons either :confused1:
  3. I do not like them either.
  4. I just found out that the ugly black purse cost $2,040!!! For that ugly thing!!!
  5. haha yeah, there is a more expensive and more hideous one fendi did in the same style, I'll see if I can find it later haha.
  6. I just found another one like the black one. Can you believe these were in the top sellers category!!!Are these people insane? :wacko:!!!LOL!!!
  7. Insane and tasteless or very farsighted!

  8. Now I get it!!! LOL!!! :lol:
  9. I think this is hideous as well:

  10. On the top it looks like a case for one of those old timey watches they use to have!!!LOL!!!

  11. excuse my language but that looks like S!#$ on a strap
  12. Amen!!! LOL!!!
  13. That clutch is fugly!!!
    But my sis is a sucker for everything Fendi Spy, so she has one.
    It's fugly on pic & fugly on hand. :sad:
  15. I tend to just agree. If she wants it, I'll get it for her. I personally think it's FUGLY!