What's the turnoff re the Graffitti purses?

  1. A lot of positive comments on the scarves, etc. What's the turnoff with the purses?
  2. I like the handbags with designs on fabric.
  3. Could you post a picture for Reference?
  4. I love the print on the scarves and clothes - but that fabric is sheer silk and gauze like. I think looks great in the thin light sheer fabrics.

    The bags I have seen have been a tough cotton and not in a constructed flap style but just plain tote type bags . . . I don't think it makes the print look special at all . . .

    The graffiti umbrella I got though is really cool. The print is only on the inside (black on the outside) so it is in good taste and unique and not flashing graffiti. I don't think I would buy it if the print was on the outside . . . . The umbrella print inside is also a sheerer fabric and the print looks great on it.
  5. I haven't seen them yet. Anyone have pics?
  6. I would love to see a picture.
  7. Yeah, pics please? :smile:
  8. I agree with handbagdreamer. I have seen the print on both bag, shoes, and clothing. On clothing the print is on silk chiffon & much more prettier. On shoes & especially handbag, the thick cotton canvas look just too plain & starchy! If you go to the Chanel.Com under Fashion/ Christmas Accessories, you can see the the bag.

    handbagdreamer, can you post picture of your umbrella. Love to see it.
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  9. handbagdreamer, can you post picture of your umbrella. Love to see it.
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    I would love to but I don't have a digital camera and new scanner is not working . . . I will be getting one soon because I want to post pics!!!! (tpf is making me get one)
  10. Hope to see pics soon!
  11. Hey handbagdreamer, how did you score that umbrella? I know that we are the "graffiti queens" :queen: but I didn't see that one! I know you guys disagree, but I actually like the graffiti hobo bag, I think it would look really great with a simple black outfit + the graffiti scarf, Audrey Hepburn style

    very chic and unique
  12. I saw it in my Saks before the "price flap event" and kept thinking about it. (Like you at 3 am lol) And I thought, this is an umbrella I won't lose lol - and like it really rains here in So Ca - well last year . . .

    I called NY Saks to wait list for yet another Chanel bag and I asked about it to see how it "did" and they told me it flew of the shelves. So that's when I went back to Saks here and bought it. I just figured I loved it and it might not be around while I was still debating. It is very cool.
  13. Yeah I'd love to see pics, I haven't seen any yet.
  14. Pics pics pics!
  15. I love it! Global shopping!:yes: