What's the trend in Paris? Help please!

  1. Hi everyone. Not a frequent poster in "The Wardrobe," but I have some questions... 'm going to Paris next week for about 10 days, and I hate looking like a conspicuous tourist... I just want to get a few advice on what's "safe" to wear over there. So w/o much further ado...

    1. I have a pair of wide legged black pants I love. Will I look like a freak in these over there?

    2. I love DVF wrap dresses. Yay or nay?

    3. Opaque tights. yay or nay? Or too hot for tights?

    Any advice is appreciated. TIA!
  2. The Top 10 Most Interesting Trends from Paris:

    Seasonless Clothing
    Clothing Cocoons
    Grey Dresses
    Woman in Red
    Bold Prints & Bright Hues
    Fur, Fur, Fur
    Fancy Hats & Head Adornments
    Sky-High Stilettos

    I'd have some red pieces, a school-boy chic look (men's inspired) with a couple vests, if you have bold prints wear them.
    Bear in mind once you get out into the country-sides of France, they dress with more "Parisan" conservatives... so the school-boy chic will be real handy!

    Try to keep to low heels if you are walking a lot... the stone paved walkways will kill anyone's feet wearing heels!
  3. Wide legged pants will be a real good piece.

    DVF wrap-dress is versatile and can be both a dress itself and paired with tights... but depending on the colors (do colors forgo prints "brights simple blues is very in or plain grey is a fall's must") and the prints (needs bold prints and a very bold belt), unless that trend statement is made, a DVF wrap dress could be more of an "American" outfit.
  4. You're always fine with black...still leggins, ballerinas + empiredress (short), skinny jeans 50/60 ties style jacket (Jacky O like).
    cashmere gray + dark violet or camel...colorwise is great too.
    I also adwise to stick to flats.
    Bold prints yes but depending on your age and figure...
    Too early for fur, but short nicely fitted trench is fine.

    Hope that helps
  5. Puma sneakers in black and black low topped Converse are very popular over there. As well as muted colors...at least from my traveling experience. I'd definitely bring a pair of those because you'll be walking alot and some sidewalks are cobble stoned.
  6. I've just returned from Paris (spent almost a week there). It was quite warm there so I had roll up my Seven jeans. I had to wear my Birkenstocks sandals during the day otherwise it's impossible to walk around for miles and miles. For the evening I wore ballet flats. Unless you plan to take a taxi to restaurants, heels are not practical at all. Incidentally, I did take one DvF dress which I wore in the evening, because it is so comfy especially when you eat a lot - and we eat quite a lot and drank loads of wine. ;)

    I noticed French don't wear jeans in restaurants. They love classic fashion and muted colours - beige, brown, camel, grey, black and white. Even teenagers wear muted colours - no barby pink or anything. Totally different from what I see in London.
  7. ^I agree with all the above, as long as you leave at home the barbie pink tees, bum bag, baseball cap, flared jeans, white running trainers and bagback you'll be all fine !!!!
  8. LOL. That's always how I spotted the Americans while I was growing up in Europe! :p
  9. Thanks everyone for your input.
    I plan to stick with black/grey & some whites for most of the times. I don't think I will be bringing my DVF dresses though. :sad:
    I may post a picture of the dresses to get opinions later on.
    By the way, I'm 27 and size 2, but only 5'3" so I am dreading flats and sneakers a bit. :crybaby:
  10. I just got back from Paris as well and I know what you mean about wearing flats--I am 4'9 and a size 0. I ended up getting a pair of those Pumas everyone is telling you about in this thread. Otherwise, I suffered in heels. The cobblestone streets killed my poor feet.
  11. French women are not that tall. I'm 5'2" and don't feel like the shortest girl in the city (as I do at home).
    And a lot of women wear flats.

    Have fun in Paris!
  12. Do you mind posting a link/ picture of those pumas? TIA!!!
  13. ^^ That is really good to know! I do feel much better about the shoes now. My sister went to Paris a few years ago and told me that all the pants at the store were super long (she's about 5'5") so she figured an average French woman must be really tall.
  14. When I was there I noticed that women primarily wore black/grey clothing and no sneakers or jeans.
  15. ^^ Do you guys advise getting a pair of Chanel flats here in the US to wear over there? Or should I wait and get them in Paris?