what's the top 3 classiest bags out now?

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  1. What do yall think?
    1) LV Manhattan
    2) Novak
    3)Choo Ramona/ Gucci Horsebit *tie*
  2. I love Chanel's luxury line and the Muse.
  3. thanks for responding. havent seen chanel luxury line yet. got pics?:idea:
  4. Look on the Chanel thread. There are plenty of pics to drool over :biggrin:
  5. *rubs hands together-cant wait!:lol:
  6. God that is so hard to say! When I think of classy, I think of conservative styles. Something from Gucci, something from Chanel, Ferragamo and Bottega Veneta.
  7. ^ Yeah definitely Bottega Veneta.
  8. YSL Muse
    MJ Stam
    Chanel Reissue
  9. ^ Totally agree :love:
  10. LV epi Jasmin
    Chanel cerf tote
    Ferragamo Gancio shoulder bag
  11. I'd have to go w/ the Muse and any Chanel bag in leather. Also LV Speedy and Manhattan PM.
  12. IMO

    Fendi B-Bag: this bag is sooo elegant and painfully lady-like. UGH!

    YSL Muse: sooo chic

    Goyard croisiere: love, love, love, love love it.
  13. For classy, i'd say:

    The YSL Muse

    The Chloe Edith
  14. chanel classic flap in black with silver hardware, ysl muse, and hermes kelly
  15. Novak, Chanel reissue, Hermes Kelly
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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