Whats the time frame to get a Coach bag repaired?

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  1. Will Coach even repair Vintage bags? I know that they are supposed to "last a lifetime" but this is just a question I've always wondered.
  2. Well, I think Coach has changed their policy somewhat. I sent out a bag for repair last year and they were unable to repair so they gave me a credit to get a new bag.

    Last month I sent out a different bag and they sent it back in the same condition and said they were unable to repair it. It takes a month for the bag to get back to you fyi, but they did send me a 40% coupon for not being able to repair it.

    They will repair vintage bags- I would send it out and if they can't repair at least you get a 40% coupon...thats a win win situation.:tup:
  3. In my experience it's taken about a month to find out if your bag is a lost cause or not. Sometimes it's 40% off, sometimes it is original retail value credit.
  4. wow. thats legit! I only have two Coach bags; I usually frequent L.A.M.B. and Louis Vuitton, I find it AMAZING that Coach has such great policies, however, L.V. makes the customer pay hundreds for repair.

    Does anyone know if Coach insures belts, ect.
  5. I've heard they even send credit letters for keyfobs and lanyards, so I believe your belt would be insured too.