What's the stuff on the edges of the leather? Glue?

  1. Hi! You know on some of the edges of the bags, like on handle sides, or edges of external pockets, especially in the bags with thicker leather, there is some kind of stuff? I think it is a coating for what may be the untreated side of leather (as I said especially when it is thick leather). It reminds me of padding glue. So I am guessing that this is glue, too?

    Did that just make sense? :shame: Sorry if it didn't!

    But for those who did understand, I noticed on the external pocket of my tod's bag there is a small section where this glue (?) is separating from the leather. It's really tiny, only someone as OC as me when it comes to handbags would notice it (so I am guessing that that would be a lot of you ladies!). I can live with it, but I will take it to the store anyway and ask them what to do (you never know..) But just wondering if any of you knew exactly what it was!
  2. I'm not sure what it is. I'm with you and guessing it's some sort of glue as well. I bought a purse with that stuff all along the strap and now it's cracked and peeling the entire length of the strap! Needless to say, I try to stay away from bags that have this stuff! :sick: I just feel like I spend good money on my bags, and I don't want them falling apart so quickly.