What's the story on the Stephen?

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  1. Was the mono Stephen limited edition? I am thinking of getting one....
  2. Yes it was limited and the only place you will find it now is through e-bay or a re-seller. Good Luck!
  3. i think so because i got one last year then i change it after igot the one with leopard....and now u cant find it in the site also

  4. That's what I figured. Thanks, ladies!!
  5. If you do get one, don't abuse yours like Kourtney Kardashian with the water stain! :sweatdrop:
  6. I've been looking for an Embossed one at a good price. Hard to find...
  7. I am in absolute love with that bag!
  8. Oh yea! I saw a pf'er selling one on eBay last week! The ONLY one on eBay!
  9. i saw pics of her bag ! wtf was she thinking bringing a bag with vachette to the beach .
  10. lolol! ive taken my keepall to the beach! lol.
    :sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop: im just as crazy then.
    ive been even thinking about getting a 45 keepall, no straps just for the beach. lololol!!

  11. lmfaoo make sure its damier ! pleasee i dont want to see water stains on that poor bag .:smile:
  12. Totally hot bag. I saw one on let-trade.
  13. LOL! i Guess i'm crazy too because i'm planning to get the azur saleya mm for the beach this summer since the neverfull won't be out untill fall.
  14. ^ your avatar trips me out! LOL!
  15. let trade had one last week