What's the smallest of the Trousse Toilette Cosmetic bags? 18 or 19?

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  1. I have a vintage Trousse 18. I heard they are named for their measurements in centimeters. I've also heard that there is a 19 which is slimmer? I know the 18 is pretty rare but I've never seen a size 19. Can anyone confirm if the trousse 19 exists?
  2. I think I saw one on Ebay listed as a 15, or it could have been your size 18 (can't remember). It was several months ago, but it was a cute size. I have not seen one in that size since. I have the 23 and 28 sizes.
  3. Thank you for your response! I believe that the smallest size in the trousse is an 18 and I absolutely love it. I just heard there might be a 19 out there but I'm not sure if it even exists. I know there is a 15 and 19 in the poche toilette though.
  4. I just got a trousse toilette 25 and it is georgous.

    I just had a look in my old catalogues:

    1991: trousse toilette 23 and 28
    1996: same as 1991
    2004: same as 1991
    2008: 25 and 28

    Are you sure yours is a 18? It must be really small, yes the number refers to the size (length) in cm.
  5. Thank you for the info! Yes, mine is small and measures 18 cm. It's from 1983 :smile: 20160627_135911.jpg
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  6. I just found a trousse toilette 18 at ebay from 1986.
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  7. It looks really cute, I love it.
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  8. Thank you! I think my next one will be the 25. Do you happen to have a pic for size comparison?
  9. Not from mine (I am already in bed, it is 23:15 here). But there is a youtube video:
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  10. The trousse toilette is a real toiletry bag for travel.
  11. Awesome! Thanks!