What's the secret?

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  1. I am wondering what the formula is?

    I am sure this depends on which store you shop at and the individual SA, but

    how good of a customer do you need to be in order to get invitations to Hermes store events and other related parties and such? (if anyone can share how they got an invitations, to what and an idea about how this came to be)

    Also - how many bags and how often do you need to buy to be offered things like SOs and bags from the back?

    any insight would be appreciated. tia
  2. i think it really depends on your relationship with your SA. if you're a regular customer or shopper- even if you don't buy something every time you come in or purchase high ticket items- i believe you can still be invited to things. really it's a lot about your personal relationships and the people you work with.
  3. Don't forget luck. Thats a big factor too!
  4. I second what Hlfinn said--it really depends on the relationship you ultimately develop with your SA. They're all individuals and some are much easier nuts to crack, and others are not! In my opinion it also depends on which store you shop at, though--I find that Madison Avenue overall is just way too busy to really give me personally the service I would like to receive.
    I swear to you, I could drop ten grand a week in there and they wouldn't give a rat's patoot, but other stores bend over backwards for me and I promise I don't spend that much in there ;)
  5. DITTO...............
  6. I don't think there's a corporate policy in regards to specific numbers. As long as you and your S.A. communicate about the things you like, or the fact that you'd be interested in attending, I'm sure they will keep you in mind. :flowers:
  7. Gee, Madison is my favorite store.
  8. Ditto again...
    (sorry HG! They are nice to me but there is no way I would ever register on their radar screen...no matter what I did...)
  9. I love the brand and have bought items from every department at Hermes Madison. I thought at some point perhaps that would be valued but it simply is not. I have never gotten a single bag I asked for ............not one. I

  10. so are you saying you do nothave any bags? Or did you settle for things you don't really want?
  11. 1-i settled for things in some instances
    2-i buy occasionally on ebay and through other secondary sources etc
    3-i go in and do occasionally find things on the shelf
  12. I've never thought of there being a behavioral formula. I think just being nice and generally content makes for a lot of great karma.
  13. Mine too, HG. I'm always treated so nicely there. :shrugs:

  14. I am treated wonderfully! Seriously---but I sill get offered nothing. I am nothing but gracious.
  15. ^^me too...
    I focus my efforts elsewhere but do enjoy visiting Madison.