What's the scoop on the patent green Ergo satchel?


Jul 1, 2008
So I saw pics of a patent green Ergo satchel #12520, http://forum.purseblog.com/coach/alright-i-know-i-said-i-done-but-445745.html,
and I got to wondering, was this color not released in the full price stores?
I did a quick bay search and at least a dozen came up. I looked at the creed, and they had "K" for the month. No F before the style number so I don't think it's a factory bag. I thought I was checking the website pretty regularly in the fall/end of the year because I wanted the burnt orange satchel.
Anyone know anything? I am so curious about this color!


Sep 15, 2007
I almost bought this bag yesterday, but it was just a tiny tad darkish for me, and I already have too many greens that I bought recently...hard to pass, but I did it! Yes, it's a retail bag, not a MFF in the true sense of the word (sans F in front of the creed), and not a pilot. Occasionally for whatever reason known only to them, they decide to clear stuff out that's not been released in the boutiques and send it directly to the outlet. One example is the Hamptons tote I have in the attached photo. It's obviously a Legacy piece, and possibly one originally made for Bleecker St since it kind of fits in with some of those bags like the Lexi, etc. However, they never released it but blew it out at mostly the flagship outlets only. I don't think the smaller outlets got them. I also noticed a couple of outlets, especially Woodbury, where they had tons of slim Carly pilots in chili that were never released. So you never know! Now I almost feel that some lots are sent directly there...like the TONS of red patent Peytons that keep showing up...I believe it's around 3rd outlet replenishment. I also picked up Lindays in putty and mineral, but at least at the lower than fashion/pinnacle/flagship stores around here, I never saw those colors in the boutique.

I reminded myself 4 bags later this weekend at the outlets that I really should stop the boutique buying, including my latest and mostly "PCE sprees" where I've bought multiple bags...especially if they are going to blow the same ones out at the outlets for 25-35% of the original retail! It's kind of the opposite of PCE, and I would much rather pay only 25% rather than just get a discount of 25% off! :P I just bought a $1k bag for $350..insane!!


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