Whats the science between Clarins auto-lifting "methode"

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  1. http://misocatbeauty.blogspot.com/2008/11/clarins-manual-auto-lifting-method.html

    What's the science behind it? And it does it really work?

    Your supposed to use it with their creams etc and supposedly put certain areas of your face in your palm but with ur head down. Supposedly the weight of your head makes it toxins and such drain from your face and causing a slimmer face.

    It has good reviews on makeupalley where some women said the massage method combined with the cream really slimmed their face.

    What is the science method behind the technique though? how does it work? i have the clarins booklet which sort of explains it but not really in depth though. i still dont really get it.
  2. I don't know the science, but I've been using this for a few years now. It's a staple in my skin regimen at night. I tried doing their massage method on my first couple bottles, but I gave up. I'm lazy :shrugs:

    But the reason I've been using this for many years is because this definitely helps with the "swallowing" of my face the next morning. My face will blow up if I consume a lot of salt or liquid before bed, but this decreases it significantly. So I just pump it twice and put it on my face the first thing after my toner at night. I'm sure the massage will help, but I'm happy with what it does for me as is....

    Does anyone do this massage consistently?
  3. Yes, it works.

    Clarins' founder (who died recently) was a massage therapist by profession. The science behind his product application techniques are centered around massage technique and application/removal/stimulation that compliments your body's natural blood flow. By applying products from the inside of your face out, and on your body always toward your heart, you are making movements to stimulate blood flow, which in turn stimulates collagen production and skin cell regeneration. (Collagen production and cell regeneration start to slow down rapidly around age 25).

    Products like toners are to be applied from the middle of the face, out toward the ears, in sweeping motions. Serums are applied with light tapping motions with your whole hand over your face, also from middle to ears. Moisturizers with more exaggerated pressing motions, to the beat of your heart, also from middle to ears with your whole hand. Products for your neck and decollete go in a sweeping motion from your chin down to your breasts. Body products go from your ankles up and from your wrist to shoulder. Most products should be warmed up in your hands (rubbing your hands together for a second or two) prior to application.

    The Clarins website is pretty good - I think it shows how to apply most products. Or you can get a hands-on demonstration at a Clarins counter or spa.

    Hope that helps!
  4. There is no science behind it as it does not lift anything. Massage improves blood circulation in the skin, so it helps with puffiness and 'tired' face color. Other than that, save your cash for a facelift.

  5. ^^ I somewhat agree with you. The whole toxins being forced from the face by weight is nonsense, the product's effectiveness hinges on the ability of facial massage to increase bloodflow to the face.

  6. thank you for the thorough explanation. The serum I bought came with a booklet which explained the method somewhat but it never mentioned massaging products on the face starting inwards. All it said was to cup areas of the face with your palms, starting with the forehead, then eyes, then face, then jaw etc but each movement had to be performed with the weight of your head hanging down in your hand.

    Here's an actual video of the massage technique:

    It's supposed to lift everything upward and reduce the appearance of a puffy face and also slim the face and cheeks. I read reviews where some women claimed it turned their round faces oval, although I do find that hard to believe. I've only been doing it for a few days so it's too early to tell results of course.