What's the safest way for me to accept $

  1. from an international buyer. Other then paypal?
  2. i'm trying to figure this out as well. My impression is that Western Union is good.
  3. I'd go for Western Union or something similar. I know some people have done bank wire transfers, but I would still feel funny giving out my bank details to somebody I don't know. At least with Western Union, it is like an electronic money order - as soon as you have the cash in your hands, you know it is safe to ship.
  4. The only thing you have to watch out for with western union is if someone is sending you "stolen" money from someone else's bank account or info, you get into trouble too! :push:
  5. western union is not recommended by eBay. check it out. very not recommended. scam city.

    what about bidpay.com?
  6. Personally, if I was to buy an expensive designer bag. I wouldn't pay by Western Union unless I knew the seller well. Way too risky. And like photoobsessive said, it's against eBay rules.