What's the retail value of your clothes (excluding accessories)?

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  1. I started a thread which was just about pieces of clothing - not bags, shoes, accessories etc,

    It's really exciting to read and very varied - from 28 pieces to thousands!!!

    Can anyone work out (approximately) how much the pieces of clothing only in their closet cost them?

    I've only just thought of this so I haven't done my 50 pieces yet, but I'll do it as soon as I can.

    Anybody else like to play?:smile::smile:
  2. I've just added up what I've paid/am paying for my 50 pieces and it comes to:

    £13,000 ie about $20,000

    This is a bit more than I expected but its a nice round number in dollars anyway, so I'm ok with it.

    Those of you with a thousand pieces or more must have wardrobes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars - scary but fun!!!
  3. my clothing ranges from $20.00 per piece to $600.00 at my top. everything I have is because it fits well and fits into my wardrobe!

    total value approximately $15,000?
  4. Hard to figure....I have 3 Chanel jackets but also probably 50 $20.00 t-shirts and lots in between to keep the worth down. I can't even imagine.
  5. A lot of what I have is from consignment/thrift... So do you want retail value or what I paid? (e.g. today I bought a pair of wool Theory trousers for $3.99)

    I would say I've paid around $1000 for my fifty pieces. Based on an average of $20.
  6. I used what I paid - so in sales less than retail price - or it would have been even more!!!

    That's amazing - you must have so much self control with you credit cards - to have spent so little, although I'm guessing that your accessories cost quite a lot??

    I wish mine had only cost $1,000, but I'm addicted to luxury clothes and always will be!:smile:

  7. You've obviously got better self control than me because if I truly love something I spend much more than $600(on my credit cards)

    How many pieces do you have???:smile:

  8. I used to wear Chanel and Valentino, but the prices of a new Chanel jacket make it impossible as I can't save!!!

    I'll do another stock check after the end of winter clear out to see how it compares item per item price:smile:
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    Well, I'm only estimating based on what's left in my closet. I have definitely spent way more than that overall, if you count what I've bought and gotten rid of. But I find that how much I spend has almost no correlation to how much I love and use an item. This was a painful lesson for me after my last few drop-offs to the consignment store.

    Come to think of it I can count a few dresses and coats that would probably push it over into more like the $2000 range.

    I have always been afraid to spend a lot of money on clothes. If something got stained or torn I would feel sick! Even when I made a lot of money as a corporate lawyer I don't think I ever spent more than a few hundred dollars on any one thing, and that was the stuff that's pricier by nature like suiting.

  10. I stay at home at lot of the time (when I wear my older clothing and I don't work, but there's no upper limit to how much I'd spend on a piece, although I wouldn't buy the dry clean only Chanel silk blouses I wore in my twenties ever again.
    That WAS a waste of money as they're all gone now.

  11. I used to wear Chanel too - if your jackets were brand new, not on sale and you've other similar high end designer wear then your wardrobe must be worth as much as mine, if not more..:smile:
  12. Omg, I can't even begin to fathom... Shamefully, easily in the very high 6 figures... :sad:
    ETA that does include shoes/accessories... I would say minus shoes/accessories is about half of that total- still makes me sick as I reflect...
  13. Im like the OP... I adore fashion luxuary... quality of fabric is the ultimate for me... and hence high price tags generally... although I find bargains too on ebay , charity shops etc...

    I could not say with any certainty... but i'd say at least £75,000 + maybe even £100,000 but thats built up over ten years!

  14. Wow - £100,000 - although at the Paris couture collections a single dress can cost €250,000!!!

    As long as you still enjoy your clothes there's no harm in it...I would easily spend that if my cards would let me!!!

    An everyday wardrobe plus one cocktail dress from Paris could set you back several hundreds of pounds - and I thought I was terrible!!!:smile:
  15. Couture collections are defo out my league... my most expensive items are all around the £3000 pound mark clothes wise with a few £15k bags and a lot of much cheaper £100 - £300 items. Dont buy anything really below £50 bar my charity shop finds!

    Im just an everyday working girl whos vice is fashion

    So really I think you prob are just the same as me... I've maybe just been at it a bit longer! LOL