What's the retail for these bags!

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  1. Thanks in advanced! :flowers:
    168026.jpg 168027.jpg 168033.jpg 168034.jpg
  2. The prices are in euros, I think?
  3. and thats for only two bags.
  4. The big whistle:$1285-3rd bag
    The small whistle:$1185-4th bag
  5. :confused1:
    Do you know the measurements of either of these? I am thinking if Bal never brings the Box style back, maybe I can substitute it with the small whistle!!
    Thanks for the retail info!
  6. just thought i would give you my opinion.
    i have a box and i love it to death!!! i also have the small whistle, which i thought i loved in the store, but i guess i changed my mind. the small whistle is a bit smaller and doesn't really have the same shape as the box. it also doesn't hold as much in my opinion. it also doesn't have the shoulder strap, which i find is very useful sometimes.
    i am in the process of selling my whistle.
    but good luck in which ever bag you choose!
  7. deana the big whistle is 6.75 (h)x 16.5 (w)x 8.5 (d) and handle length is 16.5 inches.
    the small whistle is 5.5 (h)x 12.5 (w)x 7 (d) and the handle length is 15.5 inches.
  8. Pooh girl, can the whistle bag be worn on the shoulder comfortably?