What's the resale value of a brandnew chanel? Will the design get tweaked?

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  1. Hi peeps

    I was thinking of selling a jumbo flap recently (i shall not describe it in case i get mistaken for trying to sell my bag on the forum).. cos i just changed my mind about it before i even used it and don't want thousands of dollars sitting in my wardrobe and taking up space.

    Trust me.. i have been very lazy about it.. i didn't do it on ebay and i kept talking about lugging it to a 2ndhand store but never got around it.

    Anyway, a friend advised me not to be in a hurry to sell it.. because the price keeps going up!

    But in all honesty, the last price hike is not bad as in 2007- as2008! where it easily jumped 20 percent!

    so anyway, my friend advised me to keep it and wait till people are more willing to pay closer to what i had paid for it (as in ten percent less rather than 30 percent less).. especially since it's brandnew

    But what do you think is the likelihood of chanel increasing prices again this year? also, would the flap i bought last Nov become obsolete in 2011 for example?

    I know the classic flap has largely retained the original design.. But there has been slight tweaks over the years.. The colour of the hardware.. i.e. the gold might be lighter or darker in some years.. The size of the double Cs etc.

    I am just worried that if i want to sell it in 2011; the value would have dropped again as people now see it as not current.

    please advise.. i don't really study chanel in such depth.. haha, i know there are some really knowledgeable people here

    if i may digress; a friend upset me recently. I know his wife is in the business of buying and selling 2nd hand bags.. i ws telling him i was quoted XXXX by a 2ndhand shop.. he told me to sell it to him for the exact same amt. i said i could, but asked if he could top it up a bit.. to make the loss less painful. He said why should he.. since i was gg to get it at this amt? I said erm.. because if you were to buy a brandnew bag from a 2ndhand shop, it would cost xxxx times 30percent more.. When i asked who was the bag for, he got angry.. somehow i got the feeling his wife has a potential buyer who might pay a few hundred more than what i was selling my bag for. I just don't think it's right of him to try to take advantage of me this way.. i am just upset cos we have been friends for so many years.. How could he try to profit from my loss in such a way? I know there are lots of people like this.. sigh, perhaps i would get less upset if i stop expecting people to do what i would have done.. hahaha

    wun be surprised if my post gets edited..

    how do i get my cat's pic to fill the avatar's space?
  2. I know his wife is in the business of buying and selling 2nd hand bags

    Since they are in the business, they have access to customers that you would not have access to.. IMO that is worth a fee.. so IMO, he's not wrong. IF he gives you an amount you're happy with and more than what you could get on your own, then that's great. What he does afterwards doesn't matter
  3. I thought the resale value for the jumbo flap was really high??? At least the black caviar for sure, they sell them on ebay for more than the retail price all the time. Of course, there are ebay and paypal fees but I doubt that you'll lose anywhere close to 30%.

    I guess it all depends on the material and the color of your jumbo flap, but like I said, I see black jumbo caviar flaps sell for more than the retail price on ebay all the time.
  4. I know that as of recent- as stated above- the price for jumbo caviar on ebay is higher than retail I think that right now is a good time to sell- unless you have a limited edition or highly coveted color it might pay to hold on to it for a little while when people would have to buy from second hand shop- Good luck
  5. He's a very old friend. I wouldn't profit from him this way. Or at least tell the truth and not react in such an indignant way when asked.
  6. ^ ita!
  7. where i live, people are still reluctant to pay more than retail.. cos there are stocks in our local boutique..

    our last increase was in Nov 09
  8. About your cat in the avatar space ...

    1. Go to your original image and CROP the white parts out.

    You can use Paint or Photoshop. Whatever editing tool you like.

    2. Save the new cat image.

    3. Upload new avatar pic.

    This should replace the old photo.
  9. thjanks akionna

    haha.. i am a total tech idiot!

    I see you are a dog lover?.. :smile: Shiba inus and akitas make great family dogs, i heard
  10. You're welcome mave! I see your lovely kitty is now centered. :smile: Yes, that's my girl, Emi, and she's a Shiba. I actually have two more Shibas, both boys, but they were running around somewhere when I wanted to take a pic. And trying to get all three together for one shot is just toooooo hard.

    Shibas make great family dogs, but they are stubborn and independent. So they need a lot of training initially. But afterward, they are great. Kinda like breaking in a husband, right? :biggrin:

  11. I would just sell it now, your not going to get much more for it if you wait a year.
  12. if i were you i would just sell it now. try ebay if you're unhappy with getting 30% less than what you paid for it. i understand why you are upset that your friend would try to 'make money' off of you, but honestly, its not a huge surprise to me and shouldn't be to you either. his wife is in that line of work, its how they get by.. business before pleasure to some. this is why you should not mix business with pleasure because someone is bound to have hard feelings.
  13. hmmm.. yes, but his wife does this on a part-time basis.. and i dun appreciate it when they pretend they are buying for her, her sister etc. etc.

    i did offer once to give his wife a cut or let her sell for me on ebay.. but he turned it down.. maybe due to timing or whatever..

    I think what's happening now is that they realised there's someone who is willing to pay a few hundred dollars more than what i am selling it for.

    I think i would sell to a 2nd-hand store.. tired of the bag taking up space in my wardrobe.

    I spoke to another store yesterday. the first one quoted me USD2300.. but the second shop i spoke to seems willing to pay 2500.

    2nd hand stores seem more willing to pay for Chanels... than Pradas. They are only willing to pay 50 percent of the retail price for my brandnew pradas..

    just gg to haul everything to the shop and dump them!

    hahaha.. boohooo..

    that would teach me to buy things i don't even really like, again!