Whats the reason you buy bags?

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  1. Functionality:tdown: Wrong answer?
  2. They're an accessory, and I enjoy dressing and accessorizing. Of course, there is some level of functionality to them, just as there is to shoes, but obviously a burlap sack would serve the same purpose as far as functionality goes.

    I like beautiful things, and my bags are beautiful!
  3. first off, i really really love bags.........

    second, i believe a BAG is an intimate extension of the body, more like an extra pair of limbs. hence, i'd feel much more confident (and happier) having balenciaga, YSL, or LV as 'extra appendages'.............

    third, i think it is fashion's strongest symbol of security, affluence and style.........

    lastly, i really really really love bags...........
  4. I feel that a good bag can complete and compliment any outfit! It's instant chic. Beautiful bags can give you an extra bounce in your step and make your life just a little bit better. :smile:

    I feel that there's been threads on this before, no?
  5. I feel like this is a trolling post, but maybe that's just me? This user is brand new and giving a thumbs down while asking why we buy bags!
  6. ^
    Ah true that. I didn't think about that. :p
  7. What is a trolling post?
  8. I
  9. I agree. Don't answer this. They should pay us for their market research.
    A trolling post is some market researcher or maybe a handbag company employee, who is trying to do market research on us. For free.
  10. Maybe I'm naive, but couldn't this be frin someone who's curious about what makes us tick? :wondering
  11. To be honest I was searching for the original thread by name and I put a capital as the first letter of the sentence and it created a whole new blog. I wanted to join the original blog. While I do use bags more often than not functionally, I do enjoy beautiful things and have some lovely bags my daughter's have handed down to me and some I've bought myself that they've borrowed. I'm also looking to understand the concept of spending $400 on one fashion item. And I know they don't wear all of them everyday. A question: Last year they gave me a bag by Kathy Van Zeckland, has anyone ever heard of this designer?
  12. I buy bags because I love them.
  13. i personally buy bags because, well, I'M A GIRL! and i need something other than a plastic bag to carry all my cr@p on a regular basis! hee hee