whats the reason you buy bags?....

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  1. hi there, im new here and thought i should do my own thread....so appologies if someone has already posted one like this!
    so i was thinking the other day, when you go into a store to buy the newest...or just a bag that you really want...whats the reason?
    i like having people look-some point- at my arm candy, knowing i have this item that loads of people want, being one of the 1st is important to me, im the same with my designer clothes.
    some of my friends say its the 'rush' spending huge amounts of money,
    addiction?, are some peeps addicted to this idea that having a b-bag , python, birkin etc will make people look at them and think they must be ok, sad, but my mate addmitted that she felt people treated her like a vip with her purchases!
    to all the stuck up store assistants i have one message...your no better, you have to work in the stores watching us shoppers snapping up all the lovelys, im fortunate in that im comfortable and my fiance's buisness can support ,my shopping fettish!, im not stuck up though, i just hate those pretencious peeps who think that coz they have a designer bag they 'made', get a life i say!.
    anyway enough of my ranting haha!
    :heart:would love to read the replys
    bye4now xxxx
  2. Simple - Shoes and Bags always fit! Even when I'm having a total fat day my shoes and bags make me smile.
  3. mmm....I also do buy clothes and shoes ! but I focus on the arm candy, I'm not that fussy for clothes, but the bag gives you instant status, to me it must be beautiful, good quality, preferably partly hand-made in good working conditions, practical, and if it's really expensive I love spending time coveting for it looking for infos, saving, etc...so it makes it extra special and extra desirable !
  4. simpley put, and good point riffraff, the bag always fits. if it doesn't there's another bag that will. i carry bags that make me feel good about my self. i have crappy self esteem so a delicious bag or 2 never hurt.
  5. I buy them because I love carrying a lovely, super special bag. I love it if somebody recognises it as a certain bag, I have to say!, but its not the reason I buy them. I just believe that designer outfits are so so expensive now, that shoes and bags, actually seem cheaper by comparison, and last a lifetime! Its a cliche, but its so true, if you carry a lovely, great quality bag, it does make your whole outfit seem more expensive.
  6. I love pretty things...I believe a great bag can make an outfit....I have a lot of stress in my work and personal life and it is my relief....It makes me really, really HAPPY (even DH noticed this!).
  7. I don't have any deep reason for buying bags. I just like them and I like looking well-dressed and put-together.
  8. I agree with one of the above posts - bags always "fit". I don't carry nice designer bags to impress anyone though. I just love good quality bags and it's something I carry all day with me - so it should be something nice, right? I don't want to have something hanging on my arm that looks like crap.
  9. Wearing a stylish bag takes the pressure off the rest of the outfit.
  10. Because I like them...

  12. They make me feel good about myself
  13. well i think i love bags so much is because i think it also defines your own style and character too - just looking at a bag can tell a lot about who you are - i think..

    not to mention i love bags... i especially love leather! i don't like leather jackets but I sure love the leather smell on bags! It just makes me happy so I buy them!
  14. Because a great bag (like great heels) can make even jeans and a tank top look good. And while I love clothes almost as much, you can't get away with wearing the same thing every single day...but you can with purses! Word to the poster who said that bags always fit, no matter how fat you feel! So true.

  15. I always say the exact same thing!