Whats the reacton like when you guys show and tell your bags

  1. Here are the reaction to my new bag/s purchases…..

    First and foremost, my BF (whos OK about me getting expensive bag, but not 3 bags within 2 weeks which I just did)
    BF 1st Reaction – “OMG <holds his head> another BAG, don’t you have enough BAGS? Aready!” :ban:
    Sister’s reaction – “that is absolutely Gorgeous SIS, when can I borrow it?” < thrill and in high spirits>:tender:
    BF 2nd Reaction - “ OK, it’s a Louis… its nice. THAT’S it ok…no more for bags the next 2 years!!!! And I mean..” :banned:
    Mom Reaction - (my mom is a very conservative type, who will never understand why anyone would spend 1k on a bag rather then diamonds and jewelry which has more restrain value) – “OH Jesus, have you still got the receipt… go return is immediately… when you go broke and have no job, you can’t sell that bag. Use the money to pay the mortgage!!! :lecture:
    Dad’s Reaction – “ DAM! Its an expensive bag dear…. Don’t tell your mother otherwise she’ll chuck a Schiz! < in the most calming tone>
    Best Friend (who’s a final year Law Student) – OMG Girlfriend, I can’t wait till the day I have a job!! Uni is so poor – Love Love Love the bag! Keep them coming! – your such a bad ASS and a bad influence. :party:
    Best Guy Friend – “what the f!@#, that’s enough money to get me chrome mag and an exhaust! Gess whats the deal with Lewie verton anways! Big deal! There are Fake one all over Chinatown!! :wtf:
    Work mates – “this job ain’t paying me enough… I want your job now!:cry:
  2. LMAO that's great!!! love the cute smilies to go with it too. colorful!
  3. lol. that's the best.

    my dad doesn't know how much my bags cost.
    my mom is okay with it as long as i don't blow everything i own on it.
    my bf just hangs his head in shame. :P
  4. OMFG!!! You crack me up so much!!! This is usually my situation too when I tell people about my bags!!! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    You are so silly... :wlae::wlae::wlae:
  5. bf : luckily he didn't know my bags (unless it's LV which is obvious), so i can wear my new b-bags safely without him really aware of the price

    mom : rarely met her, but she always praise me for my options on dress, bags & shoes. sometimes laughing along with my sister because it looks silly but it looks great when we wear it.

    dad : doesn't really care

    best friends (who love designer bags too) : OMG, that's gorgeous. i really want that but i can't afford authentics (while i never really spoiled her my secret shopping places like ebay or 2nd hand designers shop :P ) can't stand the competition

    best friends (who only knows LV) : i don't wanna tell them anything about the price etc.. they'll put me into a mad house if they knew
  6. Ex best friend: used to shriek and tell everyone for days how much it cost. Notice I said EX best friend. :throwup:

    Dad: I just don't tell him. He bought my first LV for me back in 2003 and thought it was a lot, but he didn't complain really because my mom had just died and he wanted to do something nice for me.

    Real best friends:jammin: : Girl that bag is SO hot! You have great taste! Don't let anyone make you feel bad because you can afford that!

    Honeydew:love: : $300.00 is enough for a bag. Anything over that is ridiculous!
  7. omg my husband calls it Lewie Verton also

    the last few bags I bought.... i maybe spent $300 total
    two Coach bags and an Ananas

    Has been stowed away in my closet to be taken out at a later date and said ohh i bought this months ago

    I'm not being deceitful he saw the Louis Vuitton purchases pre-increase and had like a heart attack over just how expensive and what a waste of money in his opinion it was
  8. My friend was dragged into Louis Vuitton in Paris and suffered me pointing out fake bags throughout Europe. He said that it's almost like I'm an art conneisseur, and since they're high quality - it's worth it ! :biggrin:

    (not all my friends are so indulgent though !)
  9. My girlfriends think I'm crazy - especially since I love to get deals on everything and then spend the big bucks on the purses.

    We went out to a movie on Friday night and I was wearing my $4.99 Lucky Jeans (they were found in the stockroom and past season so I got them for $4.99). I wore them with my chunky Prada platforms and my Fendi Sellaria. They just rolled their eyes! Oh well.
  10. Those reactions are hilarious!

    My boyfriend doesn't really seem to say too much, usually a compliment.

    My mom and sister encourage me to buy nice bags because they say I'm a lawyer now.

    My dad might have a heart attack if he knew how much I spend, so I keep him in the dark.

    Interestingly enough I have a friend whose in the textile business and he was like 'its criminal what they charge for those bags.' Haha, luckily I was wearing a leather Gucci that doesn't have the ggs so I'm not sure he even realized what it was.
  11. everyone thinks I'm crazy lol. There is one girl in particular (whom I can not stand, but, is a friend of a friend, so, I run into her sometimes) who, when she see's something new, immedietly asks "how much?" and keeps asking until I tell (which I try not to, but, sometimes do just to shut her up) and then proceeds to call me an idiot and tells me I waste my money. I'd rahter have my money where I can see it. On my arm! Not in my stomach! (she spends most of her $ on food lol). About the only one who semi understands is my mom who buys purses too :smile:
  12. I have some friends who totally get it and some who make little comments. When people ask how much something cost, I just say "Can't remember". When they ask where, I usually say Macy's. My Macy's is not good. Honestly, as long as you are not asking them for the money, they don't have to worry about it.
    I have one co-worker who brags that she has never spent over $30 for a purse and I'm like OK.
  13. After all the crap I get from relatives and friends, this is my mantra, which I repeat until they lay off:

    "Everybody has their thing. This is mine."

    The only one who is really allowed to give me crap is DH since it's our money I'm spending. Everybody else, though, can just step off. Everybody has their thing. This is mine.
  14. My mom ( who has plenty of pricy bags) says just buy a bag and use it everday for 2 years and then when it's ruined, then you can get a new one.
    My dh doesn't understand my obssession but he's pretty ok with it as long as I don't overdo it.
    Other people I know, they wouldn't get it.
  15. My ex-boyfriend: He doesn't care..he tells me to get more.

    My mom: Hater..she can't afford a LV so she gets jealous & tells me I can spend that money on better things. Ahh..she gets me so angry sometimes.

    My Dad: Agrees to everything my mom saids